The use of Bouret or Wooden Wheelbarrow in Haiti

Wooden wheelbarrow or Bouret in Haiti is integrated deep into Haitian culture, Haitian society and Haitian soul. It is not just the medium of transporting goods but is also used for transporting people at times of emergency and is also, at time, used for moving livestock and dead animals. A Haitian man pulling a wooden wheelbarrow is common sight in Haiti. Though it may look simple, pulling a wood wheelbarrow laden with weight more than 10 times the weight of the man pulling the Bouret under the scorching heat of the Caribbean sun, requires a great deal of expertise, physical strength and knowledge of the turfs.


With no brakes, no accelerator, no gear and no engine, the Bouret in Haiti reflects the poverty that devours the nation while only a small segment of rich and the elite enjoy the air conditioned cars. Time and again, natural disasters and disease epidemics have proven that a wooden wheelbarrow is only form of fastest transportation available for the Haitians to rush their loved ones to rescue camps and hospitals. The Cholera epidemic of 2010, the earthquake of 2010 and the Hurricane Sandy of 2012 all shout out the sorry saga of the deprived and exploited people of Haiti when they had to haul the Bouret or the wooden wheelbarrow for long distances with dying or dead people and animals in a desperate attempt to survive, to live, to exist. There is no wonder that a wooden wheelbarrow in Haiti is THE MOST IMPORTANT transportation and will continue to stay one until the day when the country will be run by some who cares for people!

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