Congresswoman Wilson Voiced Concerns About Haiti To Merten


Congresswoman Frederica Wilson Visited Haiti

Congresswoman Frederica S. Wilson who represents Florida's 24th Congressional District, telephoned the Special Coordinator for Haiti in the State Departlent, Mr. Kenneth Merten, on Friday to raise her concerns on several issues regarding Haiti.

Since March 28, 2016, three major hospitals have been providing only limited services to the population due to an ongoing strike by doctors. The Congresswoman expressed her concerns about some vulnerable people in the Haitian population who are unable to access healt care as a result.

Congresswoman Wilson, also addressed the current political crisis with the Special Coordinator for Haiti in the State Department, but in a diplomatic fashion. She called on the United states to support the current leaders in determining the future of the actual Provisional President and to be involved in the plan to complete the long delayed election process.

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