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Kenneth Merten in Haiti to discuss urgent need for election

The Special Coordinator to Haiti, Kenneth Merten, came for a visit in Haiti Thursday, 21 July 2016 to meet members of the Provisional Electoral Council (CEP) and other Haitian officials in an objective to provide some support to insure that upcoming elections are credible and fair. He will discuss the urgent need for Haiti to have elected representatives at all levels of the government. The presidential election is scheduled for October, with twenty-seven candidates registered to run.

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Congresswoman Wilson voiced concerns about Haiti to Merten

Congresswoman Frederica S. Wilson who represents Florida's 24th Congressional District, telephoned the Special Coordinator for Haiti in the State Departlent, Mr. Kenneth Merten, on Friday to raise her concerns on several issues regarding Haiti.

Since March 28, 2016, three major hospitals have been providing only limited services to the population due to an ongoing strike by doctors. The Congresswoman expressed her concerns about some vulnerable people in the Haitian population who are unable to access healt care as a result.

Congresswoman Wilson, also addressed the current political crisis with the Special Coordinator for Haiti in the State Department, but in a diplomatic fashion. She called on the United states to support the current leaders in determining the future of the actual Provisional President and to be involved in the plan to complete the long delayed election process.

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Kenneth Merten: if Haitians are comfortable with CIEVE work, .. not bother us

Kenneth Merten, the Special Coordinator for Haiti at the State Department made his opinion known aw he was being questioned on the Voice of America. In regard to the the findings of the Commission (CIEVE) and possible election revamping, he declared: "We have always said we are concerned that the work of this Commission make more complicated and longer the electoral process. But if the people of Haiti is comfortable with the work of this Commission that not bother us". In regard to actual funding of the election, the Special Coordinator stated that his country has not yet made a decision.

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Installation of Verification Committee, no problem for Kenneth Merten

If nothing else, President Jocelerme Privert gave us all a lesson which is how a country leader should deal with the issue of international interference and the way the leader should act which is for the best interest of his people and not of a few. One example of that is in the recent establishment of the Verification Commission.

In that same subject, the Special Coordinator of the US State Department to Haiti, Kenneth Merten, wants to make his opinion known that the installation of the Committee of Verification did not pose any problem for him. "I want to emphasize for the umpteenth time that the United States has nothing Against the Audit" said Mr. Merten. The Special Coordinator for Haiti State Department acknowledges that "I see in Jocelerme Privert an honest man Who works hard to finalize as soon as possible the electoral process,"

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Kenneth Merten and Peter Mulrean making new friends at the Haitian Parliament

I guess when you no longer have friends at the National Palace in Haiti, you try to make new friends with the other branches of the government. In light of the decision of President Jocelerme Privert to establish the Verification Commission at the opposition of the International community, Kenneth Merten and Peter Mulrean decided on the day of the installation of the Commission to pay a courtesy visit to the chamber of Deputy.

They met with about 17 Senators who were present and who were concerned about the current political crisis in Haiti. The found a supporter in Deputy Chancy who opposed the plan of President Privert to have a a single election in October.

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Threat of not assisting Haiti financially by Kenneth Merten

Kenneth Merten, continues, as some Haitians would call it, with his interference in Haiti's affairs. "The International Community will be in difficulty to assist Haiti if the electoral crisis continues" according to US State Depatment point man for Haiti affairs. He further stated that if the government in Haiti decides to create a Verification Commission, they most do their job quickly because the International Community suspects that the commission is going to try to remove one or two candidates out of the process.

Was that an order?

What do you think?

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Kenneth Merten in Canada to discuss Haitian electoral process

Haiti Special Coordinator Kenneth Merten went to Canada on February 25 to discuss with Canadian officials the current electoral process in Haiti and how best to help strengthen its democracy. He is scheduled to meet some senior Canadian government officials, other international partners and members of the Haitian diaspora in Canada

What do you think?

Kenneth Merten nan Kanada pou diskite pwosesis electoral ayisyen an

Koòdonatè Espesyal pou Etazini, Kenneth Merten te ale nan Kanada 25 Fevriye pou diskite avèk ofisyèl Kanadyen aktyèl pwosesis elektoral la an Ayiti ak ki jan yo kapab ede ranfòse demokrasi a. Li te planifye pou kontre kèk ofisyel Kanadyen nan gouvènman an, lòt patnè entènasyonal ak manm nan dyaspora ayisyen an nan Kanada

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Kenneth Merten in Haiti, Marine Bataillon ready to be deployed

We learned that the Special Coordinator for Haiti, Kenneth Merten , has been ordered by Secretary of State John Kerry to come to Haiti to assure that President Michel Martelly leave power on February 7th and the transitional is done smoothly. We also learned that following the display of force by former Haitian soldiers, a Marine batallon located in Camp Lejeune in North Carolina has been advised to be ready to go to Haiti in case there is a need for that

We are currently living in a very sensitive time and at any time things can change. Stay with us for any development

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US Government coming to term with Transitional Government in Haiti

It was quite a shift but finally the American Government has made a 90 degree turn to now support the creation of a Transitional Government. According to information obtained, the American Government is now leaning toward a transitional government that will replace the Martelly government on February 7. The United States' Haiti Special Coordinator Kenneth Merten is considering a new Provisional Government for a short period of time. Any decision at this time will have opposition. Some supporters of the Government wants him to stay in power until May 14 in order to supervise the election run-off; however, the core opposition group does no believe that the actual government has any credibility to hold election

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Ambassador Thomas Shannon in Haiti to put some order

Ambassador Thomas Shannon, Advisor at the US State department is visiting Haiti today (January 6, 2016) . He is accompanied by special coordinator for Haiti, Kenneth H. Merten
The visit is taking place in an effort to arrive at an end to the election process in Haiti.

Some people are going to get a whipping!!!

Haitian Kreyol:

Anbasadè Thomas Shannon an Ayiti pou mete kèk lòd

Anbasadè Thomas Shannon, konseye nan Depatman Deta Ameriken ap vizite Ayiti jodi a (, 6 janvye 2016). Li akonpaye pa koòdonatè espesyal pou Ayiti an, Kenneth Merten. Vizit sa ap pran plas nan yon efò pou rive nan yon fen ak pwosesis eleksyon an an Ayiti.

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