Coteaux and the Miraculous Virgin

The town of Coteaux is the capital of the Arrondisement of Coteaux in Haiti's Sud Department. However, it is not the only reason why many people throng to the town every now and then. A high number of believers often go to the town in order to pray to the Miraculous Virgin in Coteaux.


It is believed that the Virgin hears and grants the prayers of believers, especially women. In order to reach the shrine where the Miraculous Virgin can be found, people have to pay a pilgrimage and climb a 500-step stair. Going to the shrine through the long stair is almost the same as scaling the popular Great Wall of China.

When it comes to spirituality and religion, most of the 20,000 population of Coteaux are Catholics. They go and pray at the St. Peters Catholic Church, which has been around since 1727. Though many are Catholic believers, there are also residents who are Protestants and who follow and practice voodoo.

Meanwhile, Coteaux residents rely on coffee and lime production. However, farmers are urged to boost the production in order to improve the livelihood of people. The common problem of coffee and lime growers in Coteaux is the lack of adequate and proper tools.

There are four communes in Coteaux namely Conde, Quentin, Despas and Damassin. Most of the residents in these communes source their income from coffee and lime production. This is the reason why the production should be sustained. This way, residents will be able to have a stable source of income, as well as food.

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