Dominicans want to talk as product ban could cost them 500 millions a year

It is clear that the Dominican authorities did not take the recent decision of the Haitian authorities to ban 23 Dominican products from from the road, with grace and resignation. Having an understanding of what the decision will likely do their economy, Industry and Commerce minister of the Dominican Republic, Jose del Castillo, already sees room for talk with the Haitian government in order to come to an understanding regarding the ban.


Jose del Castillo said the Haitian government needs to analyze the possibility of withdrawing the measure which will affect not only Dominican industry, but also Haitian merchants and transporters. He estimated that having the products transported by sea or air as suggested by the Haitian authorities suggested would raise costs.

To put things in perspective, although the Dominicans want to talk now about access of their products to the Haitian market, it is not the case for Haitian immigrants when they decided to kick all these Haitians and Dominicans of Haitian descents back to Haiti.

Interestingly enough, all of a sudden, the Industry and Commerce minister in DR, Jose del Castillo, is worry about the effect of the Haitian.

There is only one reason for all that. These 23 products count for 47% of Dominican exports to Haiti and if the ban takes effect, it could cost the Dominican Republic a loss of 500 million dollars.

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Arlene says...

Castillo & DR should be ashamed of themselves.

So now that the loss of monies is at stake they want to talk. I'm wondering what are those products?

Stand firm Haiti & obey God's word that he will heal your land when you turn to him & serve him

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Matkenson Jean-baptiste says...

The haitian Government has taken to long time to make this decision.Now, they are almost ready to pay the consequences.Bravo, the haitian Gvt did good

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Ricart says...

Proposal to expand Dominican export markets

The president of the Round Table of Commonwealth Countries in Dominican Republic, Fernando Gonzalez Nicolas, proposed concentrating private and official efforts to identify new markets for Dominican exports.

He said the current situation with Haiti should motivate everyone in a decisive way to find new markets.

He added that it is not convenient to Dominican Republic's national interest to have such a high concentration in the Haitian market.

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Ricart says...

Haitian's irrational and foolish behavior knows no bounds.

Here we have the poorest nation in the western hemisphere (Haiti) trying to negotiate from a position of power with its next-door neighbor (DR), a nation whose economy is 7 times larger than that of Haiti.

Question to the editor:

How is making Dominicans lose 500 million dollars a good idea, when your failed state depends on them for food imports and providing jobs to illegal immigrants from

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Shime Leroy says...

depuis on bagaill pas nan interet on moune li pas bon si li interest quelque soit condition li

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Subject: Dominicans want to talk as product ban could cost them 500 millions a year edit

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