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Dominican Republic trade with Haiti hits an all time record

The Dominican Republic could not ask for anything better than its actual trade relationship with Haiti. They are in command of the Haitian economy. Officials in DR just reported that trade with neighboring Haiti has surpassed last year's figure of US$800 million.

This was revealed by Foreign Minister Miguel Vargas in a recent address at a panel on "Dominican foreign policy towards Haiti". In return, his ministry is looking at empowering his consumers in Haiti by improving their economic and social development. He wants to create jobs to improve the well-being of citizens in both countries.

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Over 200,000 jobs expected at Haiti-Dominican Border in 10 years

Here is a name that most Haitians need to get familiar with, the Bi-national Economic Council Quisqueya or (CEBQ). Last Friday (April 15, 2016) CEBQ unveiled its development project for the Haitian-Dominican border at the International Finance Corporation (IFC) and it is very promising. it is one of the largest global development institution which will be devoted exclusively to the private sector.

The border development project expects to take advantage of the Hope-Help legislation and expects to create over 200,000 jobs at Haiti-Dominican Border in 10 years.

What do you think?

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First bilateral investment for the economic development of the border

With an objective to create over 100,000 direct jobs in the textile sector by 2030 in the border between Haiti and the Dominican Republic, Quisqueya Binational Economic Council (CEBQ) just began its first pilot Plan there with an initial investment of $ 31 million. Initially, about 4,000 industrial jobs are expected to be created along the border. Quisqueya Binational Economic Council is a binational cooperative organization formed by Haitian and Dominican representatives with the objective to sustain development on the border.

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Haitian Kreyol:

Premye envestisman bilateral pou devlopman ekonomik nan fwontyè a.

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Haiti, Dominican Republic Launch Binational Observatory

On Wednesday, December 2, 2015, Haiti and the Dominican Republic have officially launched the 'Binational Observatory' with a mission to achieve mutual understanding between the two nations in the perspective of a sustainable social and economic development.

'Binational Observatory' is a consortium of universities from these two countries, created with an objective for this purpose which will work with the analysis of ongoing issues on four priority research themes, such as migration, education, environment and trade. 'Binational University Observatory is a consortium of 7 universities, 3 from Haiti (Quisqueya, the Episcopal University of Haiti and Notre Dame) and 4 from the Dominican Republic (the Universidad Educación y Cultura Acción Pro, the University Instituto Superior de Agricultura, the Pontificia Universidad Catolica Madre y Maestra and the Universidad Pedro Henríquez Ureña).

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A $2 Billion Investment Plan between Haiti & Dominican Republic

The world of foreign relations is tricky to navigate. They are often outcomes of differences of opinions, cultural and religious barriers and economic and military interests that are at odds. However, sometimes, the people of two countries form an alliance that is mutually beneficial, as we found in a bilateral cooperation agreement, but without any primary involvement of their governments. Recently, as per news report dated Thursday, October 1, 2015, in an interview with Fox News Latino, Rafael Blanco Canto, the president of the D.R.'s National Council of the Private Enterprise has said that there is a $2 billion investment plan under discussion among the private investors of the Dominican Republic and Haiti. Four areas of investments have been identified along the 250-mile-long border between the two countries and it would create thousands of factory and agricultural jobs and develop the tourism infrastructure in both the countries on one island.

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Magalie J. Magloire New Haiti Ambassador in Dominican Republic

As per news dated November 5, 2015, Lener Renauld, the Haitian Foreign Minister has announced that Magalie Jeanty Magloire, the former Ministers' Counsellor at the Embassy of Haiti in Santo Domingo, has been appointed as the new Ambassador of Haiti in the Dominican Republic.

Earlier, she had served as Counsellor of Haitian Ambassadors Daniel Supplice and Fritz Cinéas in the Dominican Republic. Since, the suspension of Ambassador Daniel Supplice on July 22, 2015, she had assumed the role of interim ambassador of Haiti in the Dominican Republic. Ambassador Supplice was dismissed by the Haitian government because amid the immigration crisis with the Dominican Republic, he could not represent and defend his country appropriately. The Dominican authorities have approved this appointment and have mentioned this appointment will "strengthen relations" between the two nations.

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Haiti-Dominican Republic Trade, a Ticking Time Bomb

Although, Haiti is a free market economy that enjoys the advantages of low labor costs and tariff-free access to the US for many of its exports, some of the serious impediments to its economic growth are poverty, corruption, vulnerability to natural disasters, lack of proper economic planning and low levels of education for much of the population. Every year, thousands of Haitians risk to cross the Dominican border illegally in search of low-wage jobs in construction and agriculture, and at the big all-inclusive resorts, albeit they become victims of racism and xenophobia in the DR. The marketplace at the Croix des Bossales is flooded with Dominican products likes of carrots, cabbages, and all other vegetables along with pasta, eggs, tomato pastes, mayonnaise and other prepared foods.
Haiti produces foods no doubt, but the majority of its consumption comes from the Dominicans. Haitian cements are good, but it is more expensive than Dominican cements. The Haitian state was never capable to defend Haitian economic actors.

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Michel Martelly went crawling to Danilo Medina following protest

The meeting that took place between Michel Martelly and Danilo Medina yesterday came after protests by Dominican merchants in Dajabon to close the market serving Haitian merchants following the ban or road transportation of 23 Dominican products. The retailers organizations had called for a boycott on trade between Haiti and Dominican Republic until the Haitian government reverses its decision.

Being in a position of weakness and not able to answer effectively to the demand of the population who has been protesting, setting fire on public buildings, etc.., the Martelly-Paul government has decided to forget about what ever is left in term of character, dignity or prestige as President Martelly went crawling to Danilo Medina to ask for forgiveness and to promise that the Haitian government is willing to eat its decision in regard to the 23 Dominican products.

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A call for Haitian sacrifice for independence from Dominicans

Following the decision of the Haitian government to put some restrictions and conditions on certain Dominican products arriving in Haiti in order to insure quality and that the imported products are taxed appropriately, many who have been benefiting from the status quo are putting out all kind of arguments to convince the government to go back to its decision. We who love Haiti and want the situation to be changed have an obligation to support our government.

Effective October 1, 2015, a total of 23 Dominican products will no longer be allowed to enter Haiti by land but either by boat or plane. In addition, only two cities are designated to receive these imported products, Port-au-Prince or Cap Haitian.

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Dominicans want to talk as product ban could cost them 500 millions a year

It is clear that the Dominican authorities did not take the recent decision of the Haitian authorities to ban 23 Dominican products from from the road, with grace and resignation. Having an understanding of what the decision will likely do their economy, Industry and Commerce minister of the Dominican Republic, Jose del Castillo, already sees room for talk with the Haitian government in order to come to an understanding regarding the ban.

Jose del Castillo said the Haitian government needs to analyze the possibility of withdrawing the measure which will affect not only Dominican industry, but also Haitian merchants and transporters. He estimated that having the products transported by sea or air as suggested by the Haitian authorities suggested would raise costs.

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