Online Education Curriculum to Target Rural Students

Haitian-American and Technology Administrator at Massachusetts University Information Technology Department, Alexandrine Policar, is interested in collaborating with Haiti State University (HSU) to create an online education program. As the recipient of a Fulbright award, she will use it to fund her research and development of online curriculums.


Policar desires to apply computer technology for the localization of higher education for students in rural areas. Impetus for the project arose from Haiti's 2010 earthquake. Policar traveled to Haiti soon after the quake and discovered while holding webinars and classes online she could do so, even at 300 miles from Port-au-Prince. She got to thinking about possibilities of offering an online education curriculum to those in outlying areas too poor to reside in Port-au-Prince, where HSU is located. A second aim is to help overhaul HSU's outdated curriculum that does not meet demands of the 21st century's technology revolution.

Policar's research will occur in two stages. The first stage in October 2014--to last four months--will entail performing a survey and compiling questionnaires. In July 2015 during the second stage, also to take four months, she will analyze her data and perform more interviews. She plans to oversee a focus group as well to get feedback on what ways are best to modify the existing curriculum. When done with research and development, she will offer her proposal for an online education program to HSU. The College of Advancing and Professional Studies will offer the new program.

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