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Winning logo for "Nou Tout Sanble, menm le nou diferan" contest

The big winner for the logo contest "Nou Tout Sanble, menm lè nou diferan" was Neyssa T. Demorcy, a 17 year old studdent at Institution du Sacré-c"ur de Turgeau. She was declared winner as her logo was determined to be better over 5 others in inculpating the values of respect, dialogue, learn to live together and the quest for excellence among the youth. This campaign began in Octobrer, 2015 and the Logo contest of "Nou Tout Sanble, menm lè nou diferan" is part of of an initiative with the objective to adopt a visual identity for the campaign. There will be other campaigns in the coming days such as music, litterature, DJ that will be part of the activities for the 2015-2016 school year.

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Tande, 55% nan elev an Ayiti bwe alkol, 23% pran dwog

Elèv lekòl an Ayiti yo dekouvri ke dwòg se solisyon an pou anpil nan pwoblèm yo epi yo de pli zan pli repoze sou li. Dapre yon etid ki te fèt nan 2014, yon majorite nan timoun lekòl ap itilize dwòg. Etid la te jwenn ke 55 pousan nan yo bwè alkòl regilyèman, pandan ke 23 pousan nan dwòg lou. Komisyon nasyonal kont dwòg (CONALD) dènyèman te kòmanse yon kanpay sansibilizasyon kont konsomasyon dwòg nan mitan timoun lekòl an Ayiti. Kanpay sa finanse sitou pa gouvènman ayisyen an ki gen kòm objektif pou angaje nan yon seri aktivite kiltirèl ak espò pou yo pote mesaj lan dirèkteman ba yo

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Online Education Curriculum to Target Rural Students

Haitian-American and Technology Administrator at Massachusetts University Information Technology Department, Alexandrine Policar, is interested in collaborating with Haiti State University (HSU) to create an online education program. As the recipient of a Fulbright award, she will use it to fund her research and development of online curriculums.

Policar desires to apply computer technology for the localization of higher education for students in rural areas. Impetus for the project arose from Haiti's 2010 earthquake. Policar traveled to Haiti soon after the quake and discovered while holding webinars and classes online she could do so, even at 300 miles from Port-au-Prince. She got to thinking about possibilities of offering an online education curriculum to those in outlying areas too poor to reside in Port-au-Prince, where HSU is located. A second aim is to help overhaul HSU's outdated curriculum that does not meet demands of the 21st century's technology revolution.

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School of Ethnology Student lost Hand from Grenade Blast - Video

I want to warn you that this picture may be disturbing to some. the actual video of the student who lost his hand as a result of a grenade blast during the protest on November 18.

This video taken by Frantz Etienne shows the hand hanging with blood all over. The victim was identified as a student at the School of Ethnology at the State University in Haiti.

This happened after he decided to grab a grenade that was launched over toward the University of the School of Ethnology on Monday by the Police and to throw it back at them

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Around 14,000 candidates for baccalaureate excluded of official exam in Haiti

It was confirmed by National Office of State Examination's Director, Renan Michel that all preparations have been made for welcoming nearly 745,000 candidates for official exams to be held during the period June 19 through July 12. The Director reported that 6th and 9th fundamental years' cards were already distributed and the baccalaureate candidates' cards were also distributed to the Departmental Directorates. He also reported that the selection of the supervisors as well as examination centers was already completed for the entire territory.

Education Ministry's Deputy Director General Ecclésiaste Télémaque stated that the quality of the subjects of examination will be precise and clear and the degree of difficult will match to what has been taught during the academic year.

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University of Ethnology Students Battle Police Over Student Killing

The government of Haiti (GOH) has low tolerance when it comes to democratic demonstrations. Last fall--for unknown reasons--the Haitian National Police (HNP) fired at and killed a student on the University of Haiti school grounds. Five other students were taken into custody and jailed before charges were dropped and they were freed.

Angered by the killing, Ethnology students assembled to demonstrate. When the HNP arrived, they set fire to a classroom, burning everything in it. They also fired at length on the demonstrators to scatter them.

The HNP, a corrupt law-enforcement agency, has been infiltrated by former military officers of the Haitian National Army (HNA), whose ultimate aim is a government take-over. The HNP is infamous for perpetrating human-rights abuses while the GOH looks the other way. The HNP operates as if it were still under the control of François Duvalier, terrorist president of the 1950s and 60s.

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Justice for Rooldine Lindor, Haitian student assassinated in Dominican Republic

The verdict was pronounced on the killer of Haitian College student, Rooldine Lindor. Eddy Sterlin Mendoza was convicted to spend 30 years in Dominican prison for the assassination of Rooldine Lindor. The Police officer involved did not receive a sentense.

In addition, it was determined by the court that Student Rooldine Lindor was not raped by her bandit.

As you may remember, Rooldine Lindor was 20 year old, College Student who was murdered in an apartment in the Dominican Republic on July 12, 2011. The report indicated that she was looking for an apartment when her assailants murdered her.

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Baldwin Spencer of Antigua and Barbuda offers scholarships to Haitian students

Prime Minister Baldwin Spencer the prime minister of the country attended the annual general meeting of the heads of state of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) which opened on Wednesday at St. Lucia. It was during this time that he reaffirmed his intentions to offer scholarships to some Haitian students in a bid to counter attack the recent misfortunes that have visited the country since 2010.

In 2010 the country suffered a massive earth quake attack that let the country in a state of poverty and beyond reconstruction. However, with the many undying hearts in the country, most of the structures have been replace or renovated to what they were initially while some are actually better than they were before. There however is still the issue of the many hard hit families and unfortunate children who were left by their parents during the disaster.

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Aspiring Public Servants Graduate

The Haitian government has congratulated several Haitian students for graduating from the Ecole Nationale d'Administration Publique (ENAP) in Quebec. According to reports, 18 students received their master's degree after three years of studying. A special graduation ceremony was held at the Hotel Montana in order to recognize the hardwork and efforts that the students gave to the program. Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe and other Haitian and foreign officials graced the event as well to laud the fresh graduates.

The 18 students were the beneficiary of a tripartite agreement among Haiti, Canada and Quebec. It can be recalled that under the agreement, which is called the Strengthening of Public Management (PARGEP), the three parties worked together by grooming the students to work in Haiti's public administration. Around $7.8 million were spent for the program in a bid to improve, rebuild and modernize the Haiti government.

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Assassination of Faculty of Law and Economics student Damael d'Haiti

The Haiti government has vowed to give justice to the death of Damael d'Haiti, a student at the Faculty of Law and Economics who were reportedly assassinated on Saturday.

The authorities have yet to clarify what really happened but allegations were made that a police officer, who is also a student at the university, killed Damael. According to reports, Damael and police officer Maceus Pierre Paul had a conflict during a party organized by the university for new students. This might have led to the death of the 24-year-old but the National Police Haiti (PNH) are still investigating the incident.

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