Election results will be made public at 4:00Pm, today

We just learned that the election results will be given today at 4:00PM. "Pare pa Pare lanterman pour 4 heures"


We also learned that last night was very noisy with gun shots heard all over the Haitian Capital. We hope that the CEP will respect the time and not to wait until midnight to release the election results.

The heat is on for the members of the CEP. Today is definitely a historic day for these members. They will be classified either as heroic individuals or be a disgrace for the Haitian society. The following are the names you need to remember. They are the current CEP members:

Ricardo Augustin : Episcopal Conference
Vijonet Demero : Reformed Worship
Yolette Mengual : Woman sector
Jaccéus Joseph : Human Rights sector
Lucie Marie Carmelle Paul Austin : University sector
Pierre Manigat Jr : Press sector
Lourdes Edith Joseph : Unions sector
Carline Viergelin : Sector Peasant/Voodoo
Pierre-Louis Opont : Employer sector

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Kool Groove says...

Either way, they will go down in infamy, because they never inspired trust or any other redeeming values.

Except of course for Mr Nehemy

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Subject: Election results will be made public at 4:00Pm, today edit

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