Jean Max Bellerive, Do not expect elections in Haiti any time soon

Jean Max Bellerive who is the chief of staff to President Jocelerme Privert stated that it is impossible to conduct the elections in 24 days or on on April 24, as the agreement of March 6 requires. According to agreement signed by former President Michel Martelly, Jocelerme Privert and Cholzer Chancy, the second round of the presidential and legislative elections is supposed to be held on April 24, 2016. Some people are accusing the government of Jocelerme Privert for not moving fast enough with the election process, suggesting that they are creating all kind of tactics to remain in power past the deadline in the agreement.


Mr. Bellerive admit that the government will have to return to the Haitian Parliament for any possible extension. However, he also stated that there are many tasks that remain in order to establish trust among the population in the electoral process.

The simple translation to all that: "The process will take anywhere from one to two years before we can have an elected president at the National Palace in Haiti"

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Fritz Lamour says...

no comment at this

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Cesar Jean-jacques says...

As much as I dislike jean-max bellerive I must say that he is finally right of this impossible task to conduct a credible election as early as April even thru December because the government needs to replace a lot of supervisors who were involved in the previous fraudulent election that sweet Micky and opont had conducted.

Mr. Bellerive, you finally say something that is true which is it is impossible to conduct this election so

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