Official reopening of the Haitian State Lottery (LEH)

On Tuesday, July 2, the Haitian State Lottery or LEH was officially reinstated by the Haitian state. The primary objective behind the reopening of this gambling regulatory institution was to promote responsible and safe participation in gambling and lottery. The Haitian State Lottery was official reopened on Tuesday by the head of the state, President Michel Martelly. The state agency, Housed Pacot located in Port-au-Prince will be refilling its regulatory administration and function control of gambling industry so that lottery can be sold safely and that Haitians can participate in gambling responsibly.


The Haitian State Lottery was reinstituted after 14 years and on the day of reopening the LEH, President Michel Martelly said that LEH was closed because of socio-political upheaval and that he reopened the LEH because he promised do to so during his election campaign and that he strongly believes that through the implementation of a sound Gambling Management Sector, Haiti can benefit from the positive sides of gambling.

The President also greeted the ANTB or the National Association of Keepers of Borlette, who coordinated the sector very well during the 14 years of absence of Haitian State Lottery. The National Palace released a press release in which it was stated that the primary objectives are to create jobs, normalize gambling and establish ample computerized systems and thereby modernizing the establishment. The Ministry of Economy and Finance, which is the parent body of the Haitian State Lottery ensured that it will provide necessary support and resources to the LEH so that it can function properly.

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Subject: Official reopening of the Haitian State Lottery (LEH) edit

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