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Haitian-American Rolin Jean, one of Florida ‪Powerball‬ winners

Haitian-American Rolin Jean is one of the luckiest men on earth this week. he has wan $1 million in the Powerball Jackpot that has reached over $1.5 billion of dollars. Rolin Jean is a 50 year old Miami resident who matched five white balls in Wednesday's historic ‪Powerball‬ drawing. He purchased the ticket at Orion Gas which is located at: 10301 Northwest 7th Avenue in Miami.

Isn't he my long lost cousin that I have not seen for years?. If anyone has the phone number for Rolin Jean, please I would like to have it.

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Official reopening of the Haitian State Lottery (LEH)

On Tuesday, July 2, the Haitian State Lottery or LEH was officially reinstated by the Haitian state. The primary objective behind the reopening of this gambling regulatory institution was to promote responsible and safe participation in gambling and lottery. The Haitian State Lottery was official reopened on Tuesday by the head of the state, President Michel Martelly. The state agency, Housed Pacot located in Port-au-Prince will be refilling its regulatory administration and function control of gambling industry so that lottery can be sold safely and that Haitians can participate in gambling responsibly.

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Pierre Jenty orchestrates a Sham Voodoo Curse Bilks $20,000 out of Victim

A New York woman, believing she'd been hexed, sought services of a Voodoo practitioner, Pierre Jenty, in Miami Florida. Sixty-six year-old Jenty, a con artist, scammed upwards of $20,000 dollars out of her. It came to a violent end when she came up short of money on her last trip to him. She was drugged and raped.

The unidentified victim was a Haitian Voodoo believer. Voodoo, an integral part of Haitian culture, was brought to Haiti by Congolese slaves. When European colonists settled in Haiti, Catholicism became the dominant religion, forcing Voodoo underground. But Voodoo priests adopted Catholic practices, and the religions have co-existed peacefully since.

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Slot Machine ins and outs

Casinos are home to the most addictive types of gambling and games of chance. One of these is the slot machine, the ultimate gambling experience where you rely merely by chance, or so most people think. The pay-out percentage of these machines may depend on the time they paid out a jackpot. If a user was able to hit jackpot in a machine, it is highly unlikely that another user will get the chance to hit the jackpot with the same machine shortly after. That is why the length of time for another jackpot to transpire with the same slot machine would take a long period time.

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What is Online Casino

Online casinos have been a growing trend as more and more individuals rely on the Internet for entertainment and leisure. These are very convenient and practical for many as they save on transportation expenses and casino passes. Now people won't have to travel all the way to Las Vegas just to have the ultimate gambling experience!

There are three types of online casinos: the web-based online casino, the download-based casino, and the most recent live casino.
The first one, the web-based casino, involves websites where online users could be able to play different types of casino games without having to download anything. To ensure a smooth casino experience, users should be able to have browser plug-ins such as Java or Macromedia, as well as a bandwidth.

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Blackjack Rules

Blackjack is one of the most popular card games in the world, especially in casinos. Aside from putting the chances of winning or losing to the cards at hand, there are several rules to follow and numerous strategies that a blackjack player could benefit from in order to win.

For a blackjack player knowing the rules and applying them well will ensure him or her of a win. One is the rules of doubles which are permitted on and hand of two cards except that of a blackjack and are permitted after the splitting of a game. When it comes to forfeiting or surrendering in a blackjack game, it is best to do it early before the dealer starts checking for blackjacks and when the wager is not yet high. Also on aces of a game, the resplitting of aces will be very useful, as well as drawing another card against a split ace. The phenomenon of a "Charlie" is also beneficial. This is when five or more cards have been drawn but with a value less than 21 and is considered an automatic win.

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Blackjack Player Options

When it comes to playing blackjack, a player has several options with his or her hand in order to ensure victory. First, whenever the player has a blackjack hand while the dealer does not have, the player automatically wins the game and vice versa. But if both have a blackjack hand, it will be a tie called a "push". When neither no blackjack hand, each player has to play out his or her hand consecutively, with the dealer playing last.

When playing blackjack, a player has about five options when dealing with his or her card. One is drawing another card when not satisfied with the card on hand called "Hit". The opposite of this is the "Stand". This involves is not taking any more cards. The player could also do a "Double Down", which involves the process of doubling the wager, taking another card, and then stand.

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Borlettes to Support Free Public-Education Program

The Haiti Education Ministry held a planning meeting on the Education Act recently. In attendance were the Board of Directors of the National Association of Borlettes Keepers (NABT); Prime Minister Lamothe; Presidential Representative Doré; and Minister of National Education and Vocation Training (NEVT) Pierre.

The meeting was called to talk about the government of Haiti's (GOH) plan for Universal Schooling Program Free and Mandatory (USPFM). The GOH wants the NABT to become familiar with long-range goals of the Education Act, and create a Memorandum of Understanding with the GOH.

The NABT and the National Fund for Education (NFE) are stakeholders for this initiative. They are waiting for Parliament to approve NFE funds to start building schools that will offer free public education. The NABT has been a cooperative body, eager to comply with requirements necessary to help offer free public-education access.

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Casino Player Fraud

The advantages of online casinos are also accompanied by several disadvantages. As compared to real-life gambling, online gambling is actually more prone to fraud. Casino websites often encounter users who cheat their way in gaining profit.

One common instances of fraud committed by online casino players is creating several accounts in one single casino sites, making use of different names and identities in order to not get caught. Through this, they can be able to claim multiple bonus offers at the same time.

Another way online casino players get away with fraud is making use of their techy knowledge in cheating out the website for more profits. They make use of graphics editing software such as Adobe Photoshop in order to make a fake winning slot machine game screenshot for example, which will inform the website that they have won a jackpot but was not able to get paid by the casino.

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What is Roulette

The roulette is quite a complicated gambling game. But with the use of different strategies, a player could surely heighten his or her chances of winning a bet.

First kind of strategy is the Martingale betting strategy. This involves the player doubling the bet after every loss in order to make the first win recover all losses and at the same time to be able to win a bet equivalent to the amount of the original bet. But as compared to other strategies to choose, this is very risky and does not necessarily ensure the player of a win and instead escalates the possibility of a loss.

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