The principal entertainment that we will address in this section are Movies and comedies. There are many talent Haitian individuals performing in there areas. Some of them have reached the international level

The Group DISIP creating music for a worldwide audience

The group Disip has put two songs in circulation, whose title "Heartbreak & misery" and "San manti". To many, this is a change in the way the band has been playing music. After so many years not producing much, the group DISIP seems to be returning in force and with a new concept in the Haitian music scene. According to some early comments, this new style of the group DISIP is intended to do something that the majority of Haitian bands have not been able to do yet, which is making a dent in the international music industry. The lyrics continue to be for the most part in the Haitian Creole, but some music experts do not think this alone can prevent the Haitian music from reaching an international market. If we can produce good music for the international market, they will will consume it.

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Shabba of Djakout #1 accused Roro and Pouchon of being jealous of his success

High emotion growing within the Haitian Kompa band Djakout # 1. After more than 17 years of working together, anger, hate, Shabba made a damaging accusation on the drummer Roro Lainé and singer and Pouchon Duverger, by revealing that these two were jealous of him because of his achievements in music.

Things could have been brewing inside of Roro without showing; however, he feels that he couldn't hold it any longer with this latest behavior coming from his partners.

How did it begin?
Shabba is in the process of producing his third solo album and both Roro and Pouchon were invited to participate in it but declined his invitation. Roro claimed that their refusal t take part on his new album confirms that they are jealous of him for his success in music.

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Haitian Kanaval suspended by Prime minister Evans Paul

Today, Sunday, was supposed to be the first day of Kanaval in Haiti. It will not be because the Kanaval has been suspended officially by Prime minister Evans Paul.

Haitian Kreyol:

Jodi a, Dimanch, te sipoze premye jou nan Kanaval an Ayiti. Li pa pral fet paske Kanaval la te sispann ofisyèlman pa Premye minis Evans Paul.

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Mickael Guirand no longer the lead singer of Carimi

Mickael Guirand stepped down as lead singer of the popular Haitian group Carimi, citing personal reason. The note states: "I will take my distance from the scene as lead singer Carimi". The decision became official on Wednesday (12/2/15). Mickael Guirand, who spent over 14 years as lead singer of Carimi said that it was not an easy decision,

Haitian Kreyol:

Mickael Guirand rale yon kite sa! Li demisyone kòm chantè plon nan popilè ayisyen gwoup Carimi, site rezon pèsonèl. Me sa nòt la di:.. "Mwen pral pran distans mwen nan sèn lan kòm chantè plon nan Carimi" Desizyon an te vin ofisyèl nan Mèkredi (12/2/15) Mickael Guirand pase plis ke 14 ane kòm chantè nan Carimi. Li di ke se pa te yon desizyon fasil.

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My Father's Land Won Amnesty International Human Rights Prize

'My Father's Land', a documentary film by Miquel Galofré and Tyler Johnston has been awarded the Amnesty International Human Rights Prize in 2015 at the Trinidad & Tobago Film Festival (ttff) on September 27, 2015. The film is a true story of protagonist Papa Jah, a Haitian gardener who has spent the last 40 years in a marginalized community called 'the Mud' in the Bahamas. Papa Jah is a long-time friend of director Johnston. When Papa learnt that his 103-year-old father has taken ill back in Haiti, he feared that he may not see him anymore, rushed back to Haiti to meet him living in a small village on the island La Tortue.

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The 9th Edition of Artisanat en Fete

On Wednesday, October 7th, 2015, Emilie Jessy Menos, the State Secretary from the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Industries (MTIC) was present at the premises of the Research Institute for the Advancement of the Haitian Crafts (IRPAH) to launch the 9th Edition of "Artisanat en Fête" (Craft Fest).

Every year 'Artisanat en Fête' draws several thousand visitors and lovers of national production; it is an opportunity where the common people can meet and interact with a number of artisans gathered in one place. This recent ninth edition was held for 2 days, between October 10th and 11th, 2015, from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm. The themes of this current edition were based on paper work of artisans of Jacmel chewed (Chewed paper takes shape and settles for more than 50 years; a local pride), cut irons of the villages of Noailles and Léogâne, carved stone, sculptures, paintings, jewelry and bags, etc were categorized separately for easy viewing. The Ministry of Tourism offered 5 kiosks to 5 craftsmen at the Historical Park of the sugarcane.

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Haiti stages historic opening of CARIFESTA XII

Haiti Successfully Hosts its First CARIFESTA 12th Edition

The island of Haiti finally hosted for the first time the 12th edition of CARIFESTA, a cultural event that included participants from the north and Latin American continents, along with the Caribbean region. Port-au-Prince was the site of the festivities.

At the staging area the public was treated to a profusion of costumes each contingent of participants were arrayed in. Then followed a nearly three-hour parade that proceeded to Cuoss Ocsde Janty Champ de Marse, the venue that held the opening ceremony. Once there the crowd of thousands were entertained by the Traditional Orchestral Band of Haiti and a Haitian fan favorite, Micka Benn.

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..... and the winner for Best Haitian Entertainer of the Year, Klass

All the efforts of the Haitian Compas band Klass and its Maestro Richie this year have not been unnoticed. At the 34th Annual International Reggae & World Music Awards (IRAWMA) the group was awarded Best Haitian Entertainer of the Year.

The THELAR Management Group and Martin's International Culture have honored Haitian Compas band, 'Klass' "The Best Haitian Entertainer of the Year 2015" award at the 34th Annual International Reggae & World Music Awards (IRAWMA) ceremony. Nu Look, another Haitian Compas band based in Florida has been awarded "Florida Haitian Entertainer of the Year 2015" award during the same ceremony held on October 4, 2015 at Bailey Hall of Broward College Central Campus in Davie, Florida. The prestigious annual award ceremony was attended by many well known entertainers, dignitaries and personalities from the music industry of the Caribbean, Europe, Canada, the U.S and Africa. Every year, the experts in Haitian music from these countries participate in the nomination process and the whole process of awarding is overseen by the THELAR Group. Nominations are based on the works released between June 2014 and May 31st, 2015 and the winner is selected by considering the work's social relevance, originality, quality of performance, stage performance, sales at local/national/international levels, etc.

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Caribbean Festival of Arts (CARIFESTA XII) in Haiti

The twelfth edition of the Caribbean Festival of Arts (CARIFESTA XII) was opened on Friday night, August 21, 2015, with exciting performances, speeches and fireworks. Twenty two Caribbean nations took part in this festival between 21 and 30 August 2015. On Thursday, the day before the festival, in an inaugural ceremony at the Musée du Panthéon National Haïtien (MUPANAH), the Haitian Prime Minister Evans Paul was present and he was accompanied by some other important Haitian ministers like the Ministers of Culture, Dithny Joan Raton, the Tourism and Creative Industries, Stéphanie Balmir Villedrouin.

During the occasion, a cocktail dinner was held in the honor of the festival delegates present. There the Prime Minister has said, although Haiti is only the host country of the festival, but we took part in the planning of the events. He took the opportunity to describe Haiti as the present cultural capital of the Caribbean during the festival. Our country has been honored to receive the largest cultural event in the Caribbean for ten days. Thousands of delegates and representatives from 22 participating countries will enrich us with their culture, their expertise and their colors. Among many diversities, there are some common threads of fundamental things that unite the entire Caribbean nation; it is their root, culture, religion, history, songs, drums and language. The theme of CARIFESTA XII was 'Our roots, our culture and our common future.'

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Traditional Haitian Rara Music at Little Haiti Cultural Center

In Haitian tradition, 'Rara' is a brilliant and colorful music festival that takes place throughout the Easter Week, following the Easter Sunday. The songs are always performed in Haitian Kreyòl that speaks about the African ancestry of the Afro-Haïtian masses and it blends the Voodoo and Christian influences with rhythms that vary across the Caribbean country. This tradition started when French colonization was still strong during the later part of the 17th century, and while the African-Haitian sugar plantation workers were riling up to gain independence. During the slave revolution, the Haitian slaves also fought culturally against their ruler with their new art, music, and dance forms. Today, Rara is a part of Haitian life; it is where you can hear all the latest gossips and happenings in Haitian life.

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