The principal entertainment that we will address in this section are Movies and comedies. There are many talent Haitian individuals performing in there areas. Some of them have reached the international level

Haitian version of Shakespeare's Antony & Cleopatra

Haitian version of Shakespeare's Antony & Cleopatra

GableStage, London's Royal Shakespeare Company and New York's Public Theatre have taken the story of Anthony and Cleopatra, done in many mediums throughout the hundreds of years since the story originally unfolded in Rome, and given it such a new twist it is expected to change the landscape of theatre in the South Florida region.

The new aspect comes from the Caribbean flavor set to the story as the characters and events are now centered on Haiti at the height of the revolution. Penned by Tarell Alvin McCraney, a known playwright and actor, the story is expected to be a 'stripped-down' rendition which will culminate with Cleopatra's suicide in the thick of the final revolutionary battle.

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8th Edition of the International Jazz Festival of Port-au-Prince

Jazz Trumpet Master Etienne Charles

It is that time of year again when the city of Port-au-Prince, along with other host cities, is woken up by the sonorous sophistication that is jazz. From the 17th of January through to the 25th, the International Jazz Festival of Port-au-Prince promises to fill the air of the capital with the offerings from the 12 visiting participating countries who will take part in an equal number of concerts throughout the festival season.

Held now for its 8th year, the International Jazz Festival will feature performances from French acts, artistes from Cameroon, Benin and the United States, to name a few. The legwork and effort was made by partners of the Haiti Jazz Foundation, including the Tourism and Culture Ministries, the International Organization of the Francophony and 9 embassies.

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Actor Jimmy Jean-Louis wins Excellence in Arts Award

Jimmy Jean-Louis - Movie Actor

After forging a substantive career in entertainment encompassing fashion and the cinematic arts, Haitian-born actor, Jimmy Jean-Louis began his humanitarianism, having gained a formidable platform from which to do good works, and has now been awarded the Excellence in the Arts prize for his contributions to entertainment as well as humanity through the foundation he founded, Hollywood United for Haiti.

Upon receiving the prestigious award from the Caribbean American Heritage Awards, Jimmy Jean-Louis joined the ranks of those Caribbean notables who have taken home a prize from the foundation which awards those Caribbean artists who have made significant contributions as immigrants to the United States. Past recipients include Jamaican Reggae Artist, Freddie McGregor, who has had hits including, 'Big Ship' and 'Just don't want to be lonely', though McGregor's award was for Lifetime Achievement.

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Pamela Anderson to run in New York City marathon for Haitian charity

Pamela Anderson in New York City Marathon for Haiti

Demonstrating her desire to be a part of the solution to Haiti's dire circumstance as the poorest nation in the western hemisphere, still reeling from the effects of 2010's earthquake, former star of Baywatch and one of the most iconic faces and names in popular culture, Pamela Anderson announced, in the same way all new high-profile bits of information gets released nowadays, via twitter, that she will be running in the New York Marathon this year, hoping to raise funds to benefit the Caribbean country.

The charity the actress, model, and mom wishes to raise money for is the J/P Relief Organization, the darling of her friend and associate, actor, Sean Penn, whose own interest in Haiti and its relief since the earthquake has been well documented. At last count, she'd raised nearly $8,500, but, with a benchmark of $500,000, the former wife of rocker, Tommy Lee, has a mountain to surmount in time for the marathon.

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New reality show pilot "Caribbean Wives of South Florida"

It's a Caribbean Thing

While scripted TV is still fighting to take its breath, a new reality series is planning to make waves in New York, coming straight from the Caribbean Sea. 'Caribbean Wives of South Florida' has taken an old formula, running in the same vein as other breakout reality series such as 'Real Housewives of Atlanta', and put a hopefully profitable spin on it by highlighting a cast that is filled with Caribbean women.

The one-hour pilot has been shot and fully produced, and is now set for a premiere on November 15, at a red carpet event in Manhattan. Representing the pilot will be, not only the cast portrayed on camera, but also the head pilot behind it who has made the series a possibility. Producer Maxine Tulloch, CEO of Tulloch Media Communications, is the producer and host for her own eponymous TV show that airs on Cablevision in three states, New Jersey, Connecticut and New York, and on CaribVision to 21 islands in the Caribbean.

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Annual Festival Creole promoting tourism to the Creole World

Tourism In Haiti And Its Numerous Beaches

As the Haitian Government still runs with the goal of making Haiti a bigger, better tourist country, they've embraced marketing strategies and hosted events aimed at luring people from America, Europe and other far away countries. Also, they have thought up a way to garner interest in Haiti from those a bit closer to home.

The Festival Creole, held in the Seychelles for the past 28 years, is by far, the most patronized event in the Creole-speaking world. It is, in fact, the only one of its kind within the Creole Community of Nations. Showing the best in Creole talent offered in the various countries home to people of that characteristic, the festival highlights the best on offer from the more well-known as Creole countries such as: Mauritius, the Seychelles--a group of islands in the Indian Ocean, and La Reunion, as well as those in the Caribbean and North America including the Creole found in Louisiana, Guadeloupe, Martinique, Guyana and Haiti.

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Emeline Michelle participating in Festival Kreol 2013 in Seychelles

Emeline Michel in her new Album

A more than accomplished Haitian singer, Emeline Michelle is set to travel to what is considered the Creole capital of the world, the Seychelles. The twain will meet at the biggest festival for Creole music, the 28th edition of Festival Kreol in the Seychelles capital, Victoria.

Since her debut on the music scene, Michelle has taken her good-given talent, discovered in church and molded at the Detroit Jazz Center, to the populous in a series of albums that represent the emotions of the people. She has been able to take part in many jazz festivals in countries like France, the United States and Canada.

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Haitian Singer Jean Michel Daudier Is Dead

Jean Michel Daudier, Singer

Haiti has now one more icon to mourn, one more to miss with the demise of singer/songwriter, Jean Michel Daudier. His death was announced on the morning it occurred, October 14th and it was a blow for the country that had united over the strains of his most popular song, Lem pa we soley la, released in the 1980's.

Jean Michel came into the world in 1957 as the newest member of a family already partial to the arts, filled as it was with poets and musicians. After an older half-brother of his left him his first guitar, broken as it was following a particularly rowdy night, Jean Michel learned to play at the young age of 15.

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Montreal's 2013 International Black Film Festival Celebrates Black Achievement

Danny Glover Honored at Montreal Film Festival

Montreal is holding its ninth International Black Film Festival of 2013. The Festival committee held a media conference to talk about the Festival events.

The main honoree will be Danny Glover, an academy-award nominated actor. He will pick up the 2013 Montreal International Black Film Festival's Humanitarian Award. Involved as an activist, most recently as a supporter for a transit workers' strike in the San Francisco Bay Area, he has made films with some of Hollywood's top actors, among Mel Gibson, Sally Field, and John Malkovich.

Other honorees are Kim Nguyen, an academy-award nominated director, and Josue Lajeunesse, a Haitian-American activist. Lajeunesse came to public awareness in a featured role in "The Philosopher Kings". He has been recognized for his good works in helping Haitians raise their living standards. Aimé Cesaire, co-founder of the Negritude Movement, will also be honored, he would have reached 100.

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The Passing of Mini-Jazz King Tony Moise

Tony Moïse Leaves His Mark on Mini-Jazz

The unexpected death of Mini-Jazz saxophonist, Tony Moïse, shook the government of Haiti. Provisional Culture Minister, Josette Darguste, expressed sentiments of many in the government at his passing.

She said Tony Moïse was a national treasure, an inherent part of Haiti's music evolution. His participation in the Haitian music scene never ebbed, and his use of social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter, allowed him to continue reaching out to his fan base, keeping them up-to-date on his recording activities.

Darguste continued praising Moïse as a talent, who would be a hard act to follow. As a result of his exit, the preservation of Mini-Jazz would be hindered, as he was its main exponent.

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