Pictures taking from Major Haitian events such as Festival, Bals, Carnival

Saxophone Branford Marsalis In The International Jazz Festival In Haiti

The 52 year old Bandford Marsalis arrived on Friday to perform at the International Jazz festival held at Port-au-Prince, bringing delight to this Caribbean nation. On Friday he was to perform the first show on Jacmel's coastal town. On Saturday he will perform the second show in Port-au-Prince.

About The International Jazz Festival

The concert venue was once a plantation for sugarcane. On Tuesday, he will host a private performance for Pamela While, the US Ambassador, at her residence. On reaching a Jacmel Hotel he stated that it was really cool to be there and the people were really beautiful.

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Haiti Prepares for Carnival in Cap-Haitien

As part of its decentralization program the government of Haiti (GOH) has implemented since President Martelly assumed office, the city of Cap-Haïtien has been selected to be the venue for Carnival 2013. The event will be held on February 10, 11, and 12.

Ms. Elsa Baussan, representative from President Martelly's administrative staff, attended a meeting of the North-Area Office of the Ministry of Tourism (MOT) to plan the execution of Carnival in Cap-Haïtien. After the meeting, she spoke with the press, expressing President Martelly's desire tourists become acquainted with the "historical uniqueness of every region of the country"

Ardrouin Zéphyrin, North-Area's MOT representative, elated about the selection of Cap-Haïtien as Carnival's host, has committed all his department's resources to ensure the event is successful.

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Haitian Carnival in Little Haiti - With reopening of the Caribbean Market Place

February 18, 2012 will be a day like no other on the streets of Little Haiti. On this historic day more than a thousand Haitians are expected to show up on the streets to make merry, to dine and wine, to dance to soul soothing music, but most importantly to make the world believe that the fading tourism industry in the Caribbean country can be revamped. For the first time Haitians living in Miami will hold their own celebration in Little Haiti, also known as the Lemon City.

The event organized by the office of Commissioner Michelle Spence-Jones with the support of a number of sponsors will announce the reopening of the Caribbean Market Place in Little Haiti, which has not seen the light of day since 1997. It will be preceded by an event dubbed Big Night in Little Haiti to be held on 17th February at the Little Haiti cultural centre.

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Les Cayes, the biggest winner in Haiti for 2012 with the Carnival

Haiti Carnival, simply the most anticipated celebration in the Caribbean Islands drawing in thousands of worldwide tourists to experience the enchanting festivities the island has to offer.

Every inch of the Island is lavished with the golden colors of Carnival, be it Port-Au-Prince or any other part of Haiti, escaping the festivities is impossible. In 2012, the entire Carnival event will take place in the third city of Haiti, Les Cayes.

Naturally with such a host and variety of people flocking to the entire region of the South in Haiti, a huge boost in the economy would be hoped for.

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