Tcho Tcho Mobile, Haitian banking revolution by Digicel

I just learned that Digicel has launched its new mobile phone.


Tcho Tcho Mobile by Digicel - Haitian Banking

Tcho Tcho mobile is the name of the new mobile phone service introduced to the Haitian population.

This service is expected to make the lives of many Haitians very easy. Soon your new Tcho Tcho Mobile bank will allow you to conduct many banking activities fast, conveniently and safely. the services include: deposits, cash withdrawals and transfers.

All these banking services will be a click away from your cell phone. Tcho Tcho Mobile is intended to provide its services to up to 20,000 users during the initial first three months and will eventually increase its capability to serve the entire Haitian population very shortly.

D you think the new Tcho Tcho Mobile by Digicel will be successful in Haiti?

Will this service be available to all Haitians?

How about people unable to read, can they use Tcho Tcho Mobile as well?

Do you think Haitians will feel safe since they will not be able to see the actual paper money?

Your opinion counts. Please comment

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Subject: Tcho Tcho Mobile, Haitian banking revolution by Digicel edit

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