Fritz Jean Fails To Win Absolute Majority in Lower House of Deputies

When the Haitian economist and the former governor of Haiti's Central Bank Fritz Jean was nominated as the Prime Minister by the Interim President Jocelerme Privert to lead a caretaker government, the legislators allied with the party of former President Martelly voiced concerns about the fact that Fritz's selection as the new Prime Minister would give absolute control to their oppositions and exclude them from the governmental power. They even criticized his nomination as contempt of Haitian constitution, because Privert's announcement was made without any confidence vote, without the approval of the presidents of the both houses of the Parliament, and without the confirmation of the eligibility of Fritz-Alphonse Jean as the new Prime Minister. Fritz Jean's choice was made with a good support from the main private sector actors, but the signal of rejection was instant from the pro-Martelly bloc including the former Prime Minister Evans Paul.


On March 20, 2016, Fritz Jean, in anticipation of securing the vote of confidence, appealed to the lower house of Deputies, but the choice of provisional President Privert was rejected by Haiti's Chamber of Deputies. Fritz Jean needed 60 votes to gain approval of his governmental program. He obtained 38 votes in his favor, 36 voted against, one abstained and more than a dozen stayed home. The opposition to his approval as Prime Minister was led by the pro-Martelly bloc. They accused Privert of purposely choosing a Prime Minister who had little chance to success in arranging the election in April so that Privert can extend his mandate. However, the supporters of Privert are of opinion that the pro-Martelly bloc wants to block Privert's effort to hold elections within his 120 days tenure. If his tenure ends unsuccessfully, the opposition would take control of the provisional presidency for themselves.

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