Gary Bodeau wants a peace of the pie in the new Government

The President of the Chamber of Deputy, Gary Bodeau, does not seems to be intimidated by recent accusations on members of the Haitian parliament. These accusations consist of having the legislative power working for their self-interest instead of the interest of the entire population.


The president of the Deputy Chamber, Gary Bodeau, said that he is not afraid of being involved in the appointment of ministers under the new government. He further argued that it would be preferable that important positions of the public administration are entrusted to competent personalities. The evaluation of competence will likely be done by people like him and his peers.

Mr. Bodeau admitted that he does not have any intention to cede his constitutional prerogatives to other leaders of civil society. He is ready to reject the policy statement of Prime Minister designed, Jean Henry Ceant, if his demands are not met

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Charles says...

everybody want some thing, well, I like to see more Haitians in the Olympics, in golf, tennis, and in the world cup, sincerely

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Fred Millan says...

- Bodeau exemplify the elements bringing down Haiti regardless of the circumstances to advance their causes.

-Meaning making money and obtain a transfer of class and friends guaranteed by it. They used to call those traitors of their class and cast "Danger Public" or "Apatride".

This self centered gangster should be dealt with as a danger for the

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Subject: Gary Bodeau wants a peace of the pie in the new Government edit

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