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Gary Bodeau wants a peace of the pie in the new Government

The President of the Chamber of Deputy, Gary Bodeau, does not seems to be intimidated by recent accusations on members of the Haitian parliament. These accusations consist of having the legislative power working for their self-interest instead of the interest of the entire population.

The president of the Deputy Chamber, Gary Bodeau, said that he is not afraid of being involved in the appointment of ministers under the new government. He further argued that it would be preferable that important positions of the public administration are entrusted to competent personalities. The evaluation of competence will likely be done by people like him and his peers.

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Deputy Gracia Delva accused of stealing two Generators

The population of Marchand-Dessalines took to the street on Monday Monday (April 11, 2016) to protest the ongoing blackout in their city. Some in the protest movement pointed the finger directly to their current Deputy Gracia Delva for causing the city blackout. According to some protesting, Former Kompas singer Gracia Delva took possession of two generators that the government of Michel Martelly had given to Marchand-Dessaline. They are accusing him of literally stealing these generators for his own benefits while leaving the city in completed darkness.

According to Gracia Delva: "I am not aware of that and I am not going to hide behind my job to steal the population"

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Cholzer Chancy beating Jerry Tardieu to hear Chamber of deputies

In the first fight in the newly created Chamber of Deputies, cholzer chancy has wan. He was elected to head the institution over Jerry Tardieu. Born in Ennery on February 16, 1967, Cholzer Chancy is a member of Ayiti An Aksyon (AAA) political group who was elected on the first round.

What do you think?

Haitian Kreyol:

Cholzer Chancy te vin prezidans nan chanm depite sou Jerry Tardieu

Nan premye batay nan chanm depite an, Cholzer Chancy genyen. Li te eli nan tèt enstitisyon an sou Jerry Tardieu. Cholzer te fèt nan Ennery 16 fevriye 1967, yon manm Ayiti An Aksyon (AAA) gwoup politik ki te eli nan premye tou eleksyon an.

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New Elected Deputies swore in 24 hours early to avoid protest

The elected Deputies for the 50th legislative did not wait until the second Monday in January to swear in. At the surprise of many in the population, the 92 Deputies among whom several questions are still unanswered, were all present at the Haitian Parliamentary this Sunday, January 10, 2015. The decision for the new Deputies to enter in function one day earlier was made to prevent any attempt by the opposition

Haitian Kreyol:

Nouvo Depite eli yo sèmante 24 èdtan byen bonè pou evite pwotestasyon

Depite eli pou 50ème lejislatif la pa t 'tann jouk dezyèm Lendi nan mwa janvye pou fè sèman an. Anpil moun nan popilasyon an te pran yon sipriz lè 92 nouvo Depite, pami yo gin plizyè kesyon toujou san repons, te reyini nan palman ayisyen an Dimanch 10 janvye 2015. Desizyon pou Depite nouvo yo te antre nan fonksyon yon jou pi bonè te fèt pou anpeche okenn tantativ pa opozisyon an.

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Calendar for Elected parliamentary to pick-up certificate at the CEP

In preparation to the opening of the 50th legislative session scheduled for January 11, 2016, the elected Parliamentarians were invited to obtain their certificates which give them access to the Haitian parliament. Here is the time calendar as to when these elected officials can come to pick-up their Certificate.

All elected Senators can drop by between 8:30am and 3:30pm. For the elected Deputies, the schedule is as follows:
For Department: Ouest and Centre: 8:30am - 9:00am
For Sud-Est and Nippes: 9:15am - 10:am
For Nord and Nord-Est: 1:30pm - 2:30pm
Artibonite and Nord-Ouest: 2:30pm - 3:30pm

Kalandriye pou palmantè eli yo vini pran sètifika yo nan CEP

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Jacques Thimoleon Stevenson replaces Jean Tolbert Alexis

The government of Michel Martelly should no longer have any problem getting his wishes become reality at Haiti Chamber of Deputy.

The Deputy of Petit-Goâve, Jacques Thimoléon Stevenson, is the new boss in town. After an intense fight with the former President, Mr. Jean Tolbert Alexis, he finally made it

What makes this more interesting is that Deputy Jacques Thimoléon Stevenson was the President of Parliamentarians for Stability and Progress(PSP), a majority block that has been supporting the Martelly-lamothe government.

He was also a member of the Commission for Justice and Public Safety, as well as many other committees

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Haitian deputy Arnel Belizaire in Rage at the Parliament

Watch it for yourself. This is a video of the actual event where Haitian Deputy Arnel Belizaire exploded at the Haitian parliament.

Haitian parliament Arnel Belizaire who has a reputation for having a great ability to express himself and also to demonstrate his disagreement when necessary, threw a total of three desks across the room in the Haitian Parliament last week during a full session.

Previous incident by Deputy Arnel Belizaire. Security camera showing Deputy Arnel Belizaire aggressively handling a worker at the post office as the post office worker attempted to stop the Deputy Arnel Belizaire of Delmas and Tabarre from entering a backroom.

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Haiti's Chamber Of Deputies: The Lower House

There are two houses forming Haiti's bicameral legislature, one of which is the Lower House or the Chamber of Deputies. There are 99 members of the Lower House, all of whom have won with absolute majority during the last election. Members can serve a four-year term and they can keep on running for Chambers seats because there is no limit.

However, there are requirements that aspiring Lower House members must meet to become eligible to run for the seats. First of all, a candidate must be 25 years old at the time of registration. He/she should not have criminal records that eliminated his/her political and civil rights and he must be a Haitian citizen by birth. Mental illness, imprisonment, and undocumented immigrant status are among the factors that can disqualify an individual from the Lower House race. Members and executives of the Electoral Commission are ineligible as well.

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Deputy Gracia Delva Dragged Into Haiti Kidnapping Case by Senator Moise Jean Charles

Another official has been linked to a kidnapping case in Haiti, where two children of the chief of a major bank in the country were abducted. Senator Jean-Charles Mose confirmed that Deputy Gracia Delva was involved in the case. Mose claimed that investigations showed that Delva himself was the one who tried to help suspects Jean Ricot Pierre Val, Altidol Tius, and Carlos Badel Saint-Fort flee the country. Reports said Delva let the suspects use his car to cross the border to get to Santiago a northern town in the Dominican Republic.

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Deputy Arnel Belizaire jailed, no immunity lifted

Deputy Arnel Bélizaire was taken to jail upon arrival from a visit in France. According to police, he was taken for questioning as he was named as one of former inmates who set fire to the national penitencery following the January 12, 2010 earthquake.

No Dyol to Tall! Apali Papa !

Belizaire was driven to the very prison where he had been locked up since 2004 on an illegal weapons charge. Belizaire was elected to Haiti's parliament in a March 20 runoff, a year and two months after the earthquake

How did Arnel Bélizaire manage to escape from jail and become Deputy?

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