Growing vines, Can wine and Grapes be produced in Haiti?

Mario Perez, Director of the Dominican Institute of Grape, brought together a meeting for the discussion of cultivating vines in the south of Haiti. The vine would be used for the production of wine in the region.


Different environmental factors including appropriate sunlight, climate and well drained soil are necessary for growing vine grapes which normally take around three years to mature into viable grapes. Small bunches of shoots appear when the grapevine is planted in a spring season, which then has the tendency to rapidly grow in the first year. A thick trunk appears and a side cane grows using the support of a fence or wiring.

The plant continues its growth in the second spring and is then able to produce small bunches of grapes, though these are not yet edible. The third spring, however, brings with it sweet, mature grapes, which are now ready to be used in the production of wine.

Grape production requires constant and timely management. It is therefore the best practice to prune all the sprouts in the first year, except for the well-built ones. From this, one would allow four canes to grow and prune the rest. In the following year, those canes are allowed to grow along the fence or trails on all sides. 70 percent of the plant is pruned off during the vine's second fall. In the following spring, the grapes would be a year old and capable of developing grapes from the sprouting.

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Subject: Growing vines, Can wine and Grapes be produced in Haiti? edit

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