Haiti, One of 7 Countries You're Most Likely to Be Kidnapped

Haiti is a country where the chances of getting kidnapped on a holiday equal the chances of catching an on-time flight from a budget airline. The countries with highest kidnapping rates in the world are typically the vulnerable places visited by the defense contractors who provide products or services to a military or intelligence department of a government. Although the reported rate of kidnapping in Haiti came down to 162 in the year 2012 from 720 about mid 2000s, the figure is still threatening to allure tourists in Haiti. The presence of the U.N stabilization force could not give good protection to the rich Haitians, aid workers, diplomats, and, of course, foreign tourists. However, there are many other holiday destinations where kidnapping is as popular as buying a fruity drink or a local souvenir. Here is a quick look at the other top six countries where kidnapping is booming.


Mexico is one of the liveliest, yet most dangerous countries on the list with a reported 1583 kidnapping cases in 2013 alone. However, you should note that 99% of kidnappings goes unreported. Kidnapping for ransom is fairly common, especially in the border areas and cities such as, Tampico Tijuana and Nogales or Juarez.

The drug cartels do not take part in tourist kidnapping but you should keep a close eye on the rogue cab drivers or street thugs who may be after what's in your bank account. A recent report reveals that brutal incidents mostly involve locals, not tourists.
Brazil has around 1,000 cases of reported kidnappings in 2012. Here the kidnappers are mostly poor residents of the Brazilian cities' notorious slums and their hot targets are wealthy businessmen, their family members, and sometime the mothers of professional soccer players.

India: Kidnapping and abduction rates have grown faster than any other crime over the past 60 years in India. There are several highly publicized instances of abductions and rape incidents involving tourists that made headlines in recent time.
Venezuela: There were more than 1,000 kidnap-for-ransom incidents last year. Caracas, the capital city is the country's hotbed of kidnapping activity.

Lebanon: Some estimates suggest kidnapping rates rose as much as 94 percent in 2013 although only 39 kidnappings were reported last year.

The Philippines: The rate of kidnapping nearly doubled in 2013--and there were more than 20 kidnap-for-ransom cases alone officially reported.

However, if you follow some general guideline, you can always stay away from every untoward incidence. Avoid showing off flashing shiny, expensive objects. Stay in the main tourist areas; never poke your nose in the offbeat or dark susceptible areas alone.

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