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Magdala Desrameaux Richard shot dead in Delmas 19

It was with shock that we learned the assassination of Ms. Magdala Desrameaux Richard. She was shot dead on Friday night (7/22/16) in Delmas 19 by an unidentified gunman as she went to pick up her children at a beauty Salon. Her car was taken by the bandit but retrieved later by the Police. According to information gathered, she was the cousin of actual Deputy of Tabarre, Caleb Desrameaux. Born in port-de-paix, Magdala Desrameaux Richard is mother of two children. She is the the daughter of engineer Max Gasto Desrameaux who is the former president of the "Alliance Francaise" of port-de-Paix.

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Michel Stephane Bruno killed by bandit on motorcycle

Michel Stéphane Bruno who was a passionate and brilliant innovator was shot dead on wednesday around 9:25 PM at Puits Blain 17 as he was victim of a bandit attack on motorcycle. Born in Port-au-Prince on May 8, 1974, Michel Stéphane Bruno had worked for more than ten years in the field of technology. He was a leading figure in internet and ICT development in Haiti.

As usual, the Haitian authorities has opened an investigation in an attempt to capture the bandits and bring them to justice.

What do you think?

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Yonel Previllon, former PHTK Deputy Candidate for Desdunes, assassinated

Platform PHTK is mourning the death of one of its members. Yonel Previllon who is a former candidate for deputation in the commune of Desdunes was assassinated on the night of February 9 in Delmas 75. I was informed that Mr. Yonel Previllon as with the PHTK candidate for President, Jovenel Moise, just minutes before his assassination

What do you think?

Haitian Kreyol:

Yo touye Yonel Previllon, ansyen PHTK Kandida pou Depite pou Desdunes

Platfòm PHTK pran lapenn lanmò youn manm pitit gason li. Yonel Previllon ki te yon kandida pou Depite nan Desdunes te mouri asasine nan nwit 9 fevriye an nan Delmas 75. Yo te enfòme Mwen ke mesye Yonel Previllon te ak PHTK kandida a pou Prezidan, Jovenel Moise, jis minit anvan yo te asasina li

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MINUSTAH & PNH Provide Protection to Dominican Trucks

As per the news report, on March 5th, Blas Peralta, the President of the National Federation of Dominican Transportation (Fenatrado), confirmed that a total of 27 trucks loaded with cement, rebars and food, were seized at the border after registering with the Haitian customs authority. Out of these, 24 trucks were blocked in the customs area of Ouanaminthe and 3, at the exit of Cap-Haitien because of planned protests and threats of retaliation against Dominicans drivers. The Haitian authority, fearing the security of the Dominican drivers due to the reason of aggravating tensed situation between the two countries, asked them to return to their country, but, however, refused to return their merchandise as those had already been registered with their customs department.

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Woodly Etheart, AKA Sonson La Familia, reported to Court today

According to information from Radio Caraibes, Woodly Etheart, AKA Are Sonson La Familia, presented himself in front of a judge, accompanied by his Haitian attorney Claudy Gassant.

Where has this guy been all that time?

Is is true that Sonson La Familia has been in hiding since with the protection of some powerful people?

The Haitian National Police (PNH) has claimed that for the past several Months, it has been looking for the powerful leader of "Gang Galil", accused for its involvement in kidnapping and drug trafficking

Woodley Ethéart is a very close associate of President Michel Martelly. The case of Sonson La Familia is back to hunt the Martelly Government

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Haiti, One of 7 Countries You're Most Likely to Be Kidnapped

Haiti is a country where the chances of getting kidnapped on a holiday equal the chances of catching an on-time flight from a budget airline. The countries with highest kidnapping rates in the world are typically the vulnerable places visited by the defense contractors who provide products or services to a military or intelligence department of a government. Although the reported rate of kidnapping in Haiti came down to 162 in the year 2012 from 720 about mid 2000s, the figure is still threatening to allure tourists in Haiti. The presence of the U.N stabilization force could not give good protection to the rich Haitians, aid workers, diplomats, and, of course, foreign tourists. However, there are many other holiday destinations where kidnapping is as popular as buying a fruity drink or a local souvenir. Here is a quick look at the other top six countries where kidnapping is booming.

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Daniel Dorsinvil and Girldy Lareche victims of Haiti latest insecurity

On Saturday, February 8, 2014 Daniel Dorsinvil and Girldy Lareche were killed in Bois Patate by a lone gunman as they walked through a residential neighborhood in the capital, Port-au-Prince. The version of government officials, as per lawyer's statement is--the victims were returning from bank.

Daniel Dorsinvil was a civil engineer, a former official at the Ministry of Public Works Transport and Communications (TPTC). He was part of many social and human activist groups which include (i) one of the founder members of Alternatives and Justice Group (FPG); (ii) a member of another human rights organization "Platform for Haitian Organizations for the Defense of Human Rights" or POHDH; (iii) an activist organization named "Popular Resistance Committee Batraville Benoit (KRPBB)" which is a part of the conglomeration of 30 groups called "Patriotic People's Democratic Movement (MPDP)". Daniel Dorsinvil was also one of the coordinator of a lesser known advocacy groups by the name of "Platform of Haitian Human Rights Organizations". His wife Girdly Lareche was the sister of Deputy Ronald Lareche. She served as an employee at the General Hospital and used to volunteer as a nurse for "Doctors without Borders" (Medecins sans Frontiers).

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Pitit, Gade comman Kidnapping besse an Ayiti, Hey!

Starting in 2004, kidnapping has been prevalent in Haiti, a deadly trend, a quick way for thugs to get money off desperate family members. Victims or families rarely talked about their kidnapping for fear of being targeted again. No one was safe from kidnapping. However, the high profile arrest of Clifford Brandt was a major step forward in solving the kidnapping problem. I can now say that: "Bagay yo Pa Pi mal Jodia"

Mezanmi mwen sonje nan Moi Decam, bagay yo toujou cho an Ayiti. Kriminel profite de cezon-an pou yo kinbe malere tankou gran neg pou yo mande lajan. Ane 2010, 2011, gacon pa kanpe non an Ayiti.

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Violence in Cite Soleil as 40 reported dead during last 8 months

According to a pastor working in the slum of Cite Soleil, more that 40 people have been reported dead as a result of recent violence there. The slum of Cite Soleil has once again become a dead trap for many as the pastor working in the town reported on Radio Kiskeya that recent violence has taken the lives of 40 people within the last 8 months

Many gangs in Haiti are usually based in slums like Cite Soleil where there are little opportunities for the residents and specially the young. They use their power and influence to recruit young people in the neighborhood and arm them with heavy weapons. The gang members are often involved in kidnappings, harassment and terror carried to the population to finance their operation.

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Dr. Schiller Alexandre, son of Boniface Alexandre attempted kidnapping

An abduction-in-progress at the home of Dr. Schiller Alexandre was aborted by the intervention of Petion-Ville police. Dr. Alexandre, whose father was ex-President Boniface Alexandre, was found by officers tied up and gagged. Former Member of Parliament, Eliphète Noel, accompanying Schiller, sustained blunt-force trauma and a machete-inflicted wound to his shoulder.

Officers apprehended two suspects at the scene, Véner Oderson and Pierre-Louis. Third assailant, Peter Féguen, remains at large. The near-abduction, reason for the home invasion, happened on the evening of May 11th in Vivy Mitchell, a neighborhood in Port-au-Prince.

Accomplice Andy Campion, a security guard, provided access to Dr. Alexandre's home after he had left for the day. The trio of kidnappers hung out, anticipating Dr. Alexandre's appearance at any time. He arrived with Estère ex-deputy Noel to find the suspects, who overtook both men. Estère managed to call police from his cell phone before being brutally assaulted.

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