Bulgaria, Armenia, Haiti lead world in suffering

Listed on the 2012 count of those countries leading the world in 'suffering' is the western hemisphere's poorest, Haiti. It is a position resulting from years of government instability and fighting and was exacerbated by the devastating effects of the earthquake that tumbled hopes and dreams along with lives and infrastructure in January of 2010.


Still, as the list goes, it is headed by countries on the other side of the world, Bulgaria and Armenia respectively. The statistics are that Bulgarians, a large percentage of 39, rated their lives to be so bleak they could be labeled as 'suffering. This percentage outstripped the second most economically distressed country, Armenia, which has 37% of its population acknowledging their poor condition of life.

Behind the top three countries experiencing the most suffering is Cambodia, followed by Haiti, Hungary, Malagasy, Macedonia and Iran. These six nations had over 30% of their adult population branding their lives as filled with suffering. Given the choices available in the questioning, 'thriving', 'struggling', or 'suffering', there is little wonder the results came out as they did. And the current state of world affairs seems to give little hope to those in these countries as the respondents were advised to rate their present conditions and what they foresee in the future on a scale from one to ten.

Other findings from the survey showed that 143 countries have an average statistic of one in seven adults as suffering during the 2012 period. Also, more developed and richer countries such as Libya, Nigeria, Venezuela and Thailand had percentages of 2 or less.

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