Grande Colline Mountain in Haiti

As part of a new series highlighting those areas of Haiti that most people have never seen, Terra Incognita took a step into the mountain range of Grande Colline as the pilot for their program, focusing on the area for the information to be gathered on one of Haiti's last remaining forests.


Located in the south west of the country, in the Tiburon Peninsula, Grande Colline isn't easily accessed by the average voyager. The team consisting of a filmmaker, a journalist, photographers and biologists accomplished their search of the Chaîne de la Grande Colline, which shares the Massif de la Hotte with Chaîne de Macaya by using a helicopter. The area sparked interest because, at above 2000 meters, it still boasts areas with original cloud forest. But, while its neighbor to the east, the Chaîne de Macaya has been studied extensively, Grand Colline remains vastly undiscovered because it's inaccessible by roads.

The team observed various patches of forested areas along the western coast, all above 1500 meters, during their pass over. This remoteness may be the reason why these forests have been able to survive where so many of Haiti's other forests have not. Still, half a decade ago the Grand Colline was almost completely forested, today, only 12% of the forests there remain, almost all located in the areas furthest away from towns. This evidences that the greatest threat to Haitian forests remains the people, who cut down trees to make furniture and charcoal and also burn whole patches of forest for arable land to farm.

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