River Capolitte

The River Capolitte is one on a list of many rivers in the country. Considered a tributary of another on the list, the River Capolitte flows through Haiti's North-East department and also has a path through some of Haiti's neighbor country, the Dominican Republic. At its source it flows out of the principle mountains of the island of Hispaniola, the Central Cordillera, the source of many other rivers that flow through Haiti and the Dominican Republic. The source of the River Capolitte is found on the Haitian side of the mountain.


From there, it flows along the Haitian border with the Dominican Republic before it joins the River Nantes People, also from the same source. They then both flow into the greater River Massacre.

Besides the River Capolitte, Haiti boasts other bodies of running water that flow into different basins. There are those which flow into the Caribbean Sea, the Atlantic Ocean and also the Gulf of Gonâve, the large gulf along Haiti's western coast.

Flowing into the Atlantic are the Massacre or Dajabón River, the Grande-Rivière-du-Nord, which flows through the municipality where Jean-Jacques Dessalines was born, the Rivière du Limbè and Les Trois Rivières.

Those emptying into the Caribbean Sea include the Ravine du Sud or Ravine River, the Acul River, the Pedernales River, the Rivière de Cavaillon, the Rivière des Côtes de Fer, and the Rivière de Bainet.

Rivers emptying into the Gulf of Gonâve include, but are not limited to, the Momance River, the La Quinte River, the Artibonite River, and the Grande-Anse River.

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