The Creation Of Mosaic Art In Jacmel

The colorful rebirth of the city of Jacmel began immediately following the 2010 Earthquake when Laurel True a prolific artist known for her vibrant style and founder of Louisiana based True Mosaics Studio, facilitated a city wide beautification project named "Mosaique Jacmel". She took Haitian young artists from the Art Creation Foundation For Children (ACFFC) to join her program.


Jacmel, the country's cultural capital, had almost become a pile of rubbles after the earthquake. However, the visitors who came to this city after the earthquake, were surprised to watch that dozens of walls in the plazas and public places were shining in vibrant colors. But, that was only the beginning, now Laurel True is the Director of the ACFFC Mosaique Jacmel program. The pictures and patterns of small multicolor stones used for beautification match so well with the arts and French colonial architecture of the city that the word "mosaic" has become synonymous to Jacmel. The new look is helping greatly to reshape Jacmel as a tourist destination. This process of beautification has scrapped the habit of the inhabitants throwing trash in the street.

By learning this form of visual art, the local youths have found a new way to earn livelihoods. With the creation of many memorial murals in the city, they have found a creative outlet with a touch to their souls, a mean to understand the value of quality within a content and at the same time, they are learning about their customs, heritage, society and civilizations. True has travelled more than 25 times in Haiti to teach the art of creating mosaics to around 500 youths of whom most are poor and orphan between the ages of 12 and 22. They are learning how to develop a design, buy supplies, estimate costs and make proposals, manage teams and carry out the projects commissioned by the Ministry of Tourism and many private clients even outside the city of Jacmel. ACFFC is taking care of their daily needs like food, health, schooling, etc., and taking every care to ensure that they feel their task is more than an emotional endeavor.

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