Haitian-American Linda Dorcena Forry to Run for Massachusetts Senate

Massachusetts House Representative and Haitian-American Linda Dorcena Forry won the Democratic primary race for the Senate against Nick Collins on May 7th 2013. The primary win was a significant victory for Forry because Boston-Irish male politicians have dominated the First Suffolk seat in the Senate. Although the vote count showed Forry won by a small margin, 378 ballots or 47% of ballots cast, over Collins' 45%, he did not contest the election results.


Representative Linda Dorcena Forry said her win was due in large part to her campaign staff's diligence in mounting a concerted get-out-the-vote effort. Door-to-door and phone canvassing kept Forry's name and qualifications uppermost in voters' minds. Her campaign mailers also listed her impressive accomplishments during her eight years in the House, along with respected local politicians and civic leaders' endorsements.

During the campaign, Forry and Collins both made education and crime part of their platforms. But it was Forry's emphasis on job-creation that won over enough voters to put her on the ballot for the First Suffolk Senate seat on June 25th.

Linda Dorcena Forry believes it was her skill and experience in working with local- and state-budget committees to find funding for her constituents' community projects that persuaded them she was the correct Democratic candidate to represent them.

Forry intends to campaign even harder in the next seven weeks to gain the confidence of the voters in First Suffolk she is the most-qualified and -deserving candidate to represent them in the Senate.

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