Haitian President will get 250,000 Gourde Monthly Pension

As per a new decree published in the issue of 205 of the Official Gazette "Le Moniteur" on the Civil Retirement Pension plan, certain modifications offering additional benefits, have been made for the eligible government employees and the members of the government. As per the new rules, some of the senior members of the Government would get monthly pension in the following manner: President of the Republic 250,000 gourdes (US$ 4450); Prime Minister 150,000 gourdes (US$ 2670); Senator 58 years old (with less than 60 months of service) 15,000 gourdes (US$ 267); Deputy (with less than 60 months of service) 12,000 gourdes (US$ 215). The pensions will be disbursed from the Treasury. The new decree would improve the benefits prescribed under two earlier decrees, viz. Decree of February 18, 2011 and 6 October 2004. In comparison, the monthly pensions of top government representatives in other neighboring countries are as follows: President Barrack Obama, US$16,800; Prime Ministers (Trinidad and Tobago) US$8,000, Prime Ministers in Jamaica, roughly US$3,500; President of Guyana US$ 6,000.


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Subject: Haitian President will get 250,000 Gourde Monthly Pension edit

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