Haiti's Corruption Perception Improves

Based on a latest perceived corruption report by Transparency International, Haiti's score improved, ranking 165 out of 176 countries. Its current position is better than last year's 175th place. The index of corruption perception, which used a scale between 0 (highly corrupt) and 100 (very clean), gave Haiti a score of 19. Though the Caribbean nation's score improved by 10 places, it still has the highest corruption perception in the region.


Given the result, the Haiti government reiterated its call to all sectors to team up in fighting corruption. During a ceremony marking the 10th International Day of Fight Against Corruption, Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe stressed that every sector in the government must fulfill its role in the crusade against this crime. He said that the Haiti government would continue to hold its commitment to fighting the crime, adding that Haiti will remain implementing the National Strategy for Fight Against Corruption. He also called on the State, the private business sector and civil society players to come together and participate in this campaign.

The prime minister expressed hope that both Houses of the Parliament will take time to study and seriously consider proposed bills and projects aimed at getting rid of corruption and ensuring efficient operations in the government and other sectors.

The director of the Unit for Combating Corruption, Antoine Atouriste, also released a statement regarding Haiti's ranking in the corruption perception report. He said that the index can be a motivation for the authorities to make Haiti a country much more conducive to investments. He also encouraged all sectors to join the fight against corruption.

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