Haiti's Fraudulent Independence Debt

Although Haiti gained its independence from France and became the first black-led republic globally in 1804, foreign interests have continued to meddle in the island's affairs. France never forgave Haiti for defeating them and demanded 150 million francs as compensation for France's forfeiture of real estate and slaves. If Haiti didn't comply, France threatened to re-instate slavery.


Repayment of the debt ruined Haiti's economy, a major factor in its poorest-nation-in-the Western-Hemisphere status. Well over a century passed before Haiti cleared its debt to France in 1947. Millions upon millions of interest dollars protracted repayment to French banks, who lent Haiti money to pay off interest on the principal. In 1922, the U.S. assumed part of Haiti's debt that France had reduced to 90 million francs. In demanding compensatory damages, France violated its Declaration of the Rights of Man which states: "Men are born free and remain free and equal in rights."

Haitian advocacy groups (HAG) argue if Haiti were reimbursed for their Independence Debt, it would repair its fragile economy permanently. HAG believes permitting Haiti to decide its own destiny would free it from dependence on foreign aid. But a more realistic solution to Haiti's need for sovereignty is for GOH to cooperate with demands of aid donors to make government contract negotiations transparent, use aid dollars responsibly, and earn its right to self-rule. Currently, GOH shows no signs of understanding its position or how to improve it. It is an adolescent democracy, rebellious, irresponsible, and unable to see the consequences of its actions.

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Raymond Lafontant Jr says...

Thing that I never understand ...

Why President Boyer (Dessalines, Petion and Christophe refused) recognized so easyly the request of France.

France never fired one bullet or has its navy on the sea of Haiti.

The answer to this question may explain the failure of our

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