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Dr. Watson Exantus, New Director for Notre Dame of Petit Goave Hospital, Haiti

The 23rd of July saw Dr. Watson Exantus rise to the Managing Director position at Notre Dame of Petit Goave hospital. He was appointed by the Director Gen. under Public Health and Population Ministry, Mrs. Marie Giualene Raymond. The Director Gen. expressed her grief in the downfall of Petit of Goave Hospital from a referral state into a mere health center. Some years back, Petit of Goave had the capacity to adequately handle Goave resident's needs and acted as a major solace point for other health centers which had limited capacity to put major health issues under control.

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New Health Centre in Capotille, near Ouanaminthe, Haiti

Several years ago, Haitians living in the northeastern area who didn't have access to health care or money for hospitals and medicines were forced to travel to the neighboring Dominican Republic to be treated and cared for. A new health center has been built in Capotille, near Ouanaminthe.

Providing sufficient health care for almost ten million Haitians is one of the biggest problems the Martelly administration is currently trying to work. Health care is a human need and is every citizen's right.

The Ouanaminthe's municipality of Capotille in the North East Department has been one of the sites where a new health center has been built. It was formally opened in July by the Minister of Public Health and Population (MSPP) Dr. Florence D. Guillaume and was built with a mere $8 million budget. The new Capotille Health Center is part of President Michel Martelly, First Lady Sophia Martelly, and Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe vision of providing a health facility in every communal section of Haiti in order to ensure the welfare of all Haitians. The health center will be able to provide health care to about 18,000 residents and will be given more medical supplies, equipment, and medical professionals for better service and a wider reach.

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Haiti will get Cholera vaccination starting April 2011

Due to the large number of Haitians who are at risk of contracting the cholera virus, the World Health Organization has decided to start a vaccination campaign in Haiti for cholera in April 2011. Ten million Haitians are currently at risk for the cholera, scientists estimated that by April, 400,000 doses of the vaccine will be available to the population and by December, close to 1 million will be ready.

Teams of the World Health Organization of will start the vaccination in the Artibonite region, where the first case of cholera was reported and also in the region where most people have been affected by the disease.

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Estimation 650, 000 Haitians affected by cholera

The United Nation is now saying that cholera is likely to affect a lot more people in Haiti than previously estimated. They also stated that the number of death from the cholera is likely to be much higher than originally thought.

UN Secretary General Ban Kimoon said that the actual number of death from the cholera in Haiti is about 3,600 people and not around 1,800 as previously estimated. For the next six months, The UN secretary estimated that 650,000 new cases of cholera will be detected in Haiti.

The UN Secretary also said that Haiti is currently in need of more medical personnel.

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Prevention for cholera in Haiti

Cases of Cholera have been detected in the North and the South of Haiti. The population is questioning the efforts made by the Haitian government to control the spread of the disease.

The people who sell food in the streets have been told to have water available for the clients so that they could wash their hands properly before eating. They also have been told to make arrangements so that people could use the bathroom

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Cholera outbreak an excuse not to hold Haiti Election

Haiti Presidential Election Ballot

Is the Haitian government trying to use the Cholera outbreak not to hold election in November? I do not know about you, but I actually do not see a clear leader now in the Haiti election. I can safely say at this time that anyone of the four leading candidates could win in November, and that includes either Michel Martelly, Mirlande Manigat, Jude Celestin, or Charles Henri Baker.

For a presidential election in Haiti that is appearing to be more and more out of control, I think this is a great opportunity to buy time and look further into the future to see what's ahead. Last Saturday Haitian President Rene Preval voiced his concern about the upcoming November 28 Haiti election, worrying about potential contagion at the polling stations.

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Cholera outbreak in Haiti

Cholera Outbreak in Haiti

An outbreak of Cholera is the latest challenge facing Haiti. It has been reported so far officially that 19 people have died as a result of this cholera outbreak. However, health officials bring the number to 50 dead. Is it possible that the real the dead could be doubled or three time of what was reported so far?

Many more people have been taken to hospital as a result of severe vomiting, fever and diarrhea which are the typical symptoms of feared cholera outbreak in Haiti.

Can we handle an outbreak of cholera in Haiti at this time?

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University Hospital of Haiti reborn

Haiti medical problems

A total of $25 million is allocated to be invested in Haiti Health Care. With a plan to rebuild University Hospital of Haiti, the governments of Haiti, France and the U.S. agreed to form a partnership in order to improve the overall health in Haiti.

Is this the beginning of a beautiful relationship to provide needed health care to the Haitian population?

I believe that this relationship was formed as a result of a need to improve the health care system in Haiti. For too long, the country has been left by itself to solve its own health problem. It's like telling a sick person who is unable to get off the bed to go find the medicin in the medicine cabinet. As the President Rene Preval would say: "Nage pou nou soti".

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Overweight Haitian woman, Dominique Lanoise, transported by Dominican Air Force

Do you remember the 500 pounds Haitian woman that the airline refused to flight to Miami because of her weight? Six Months later, the Dominican Air Force has come to her rescue.

We just learn that The Dominican Air Force will flight the Haitian woman of U.S. citizenship, Dominique Lanoise, to Miami as a humanitarian act.

Dominique Lanoise who is 40 years old, weighs almost 500 pounds and has been in the Dominican Republic for three months because all commercial lines so far have refused to fly her to Miami. Lanoise traveled from Miami to Port-au-Prince after the January 12 earthquake to visit her relatives, but when she came to the country to return to the U.S. the airlines refused to sell her a ticket because of her weight.

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