What are the Different Dangers Relating to Herbal Abortion?

It is common to hear of risks associated with abortion. Some of these risks are more severe with abortion procedures taken by traditional medicine persons. Persons who rate themselves as very knowledgeable as far as herbal medicines are concerned may administer herbal medication to aborting patients to expel the growing fetus from the womb. It is unfortunate that many persons have not educated themselves of the dangers associated with abortion using herbal medicine.


This is not to rubber stamp that clinical abortions are 100 % safe. It is taken to mean that the dangers of undertaking an abortion procedure using herbal medicine are higher when compared with those that can plague the patient under the care of a health care professional.

Most of the herbs used in the abortion procedures are poisons that affect the normal life of the growing fetus. Actually, this means that the poison interferes with life of the growing fetus. In fact, the amount of poison content in the herbal contents of the herbal concoctions that the pregnant mothers take to force out the fetus is not known.

This is the case because medical research is not conducted to know the facts. Even if the poison content is known, no one cares so long as the fetus is expelled. This is toying around with human life because will also affect the mother once inside their bodies. It can also cause death of the mother even though precautions may have been taken.

Herbs that stimulated blood flow in the aborting mother may cause prolonged bleeding. This means the patient may become very weak as they lose a more blood

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