IOM to help Haiti develop national migration policy

An estimated 2.5 million Haitians are living outside of the country in other locales such as the U.S., Cuba, Canada, France, Africa, and other countries of the Caribbean and Latin America. The high rate of migration has much to do with the fact that some 80% of the Haitian population lives below the line of poverty and only half of these people are employed. In May 2014, the IOM put forward certain recommendations on the issue of migration towards helping to develop a policy for the phenomenon in the country.


The need for such a policy was outlined by Pier Rossi Longhi, the Immigration and Border Management Specialist for the Americas. He said that without a reform that was comprehensive, the factors that push people to leave the country in droves would continue. When these factors meet with lax border control and migration management, the economy of the country suffers as skilled, learned and able workers leave for better opportunities in other countries. The problem is also not helped because the economic system now in place doesn't know how to effectively harness the power of remittances to grow the economy.

Based on this problem, an inter-ministerial migration workshop was undertaken earlier in 2014, and a plan to establish a policy on migration was made. The requisite steps discussed included:

The establishment of a method for the implementation of the discussed recommendations.

The mobilization of international and national experts into a task force with responsibility for developing the policy.

The putting together of a series of workshops aimed at having experts from around the world, those within the government and the civil society which would define the necessary moves and objectives of strategy for the development of the policy.

The creation of a thorough migration profile for the country that would be compiled based on collected evidence, and the creation of a document on migration policy that takes the Haitian reality into consideration and provides clear responsibilities and recommendations.

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