Haiti is a country that relies heavily on help from other countries. We need to maintain a good relationship with the international world. Haiti and the Dominican Republic are two countries that shares the island. Conflicts usually arise almost daily between Haitians and Dominicans. many people believe that the conflict between the two nations has its root from the occupation of the Dominican Republic by Haiti

Haiti to Work with Turks and Caicos Islands on Immigration Issue

Turk and Caicos Islands Governor Todd and Minister Gardiner of Border Control and Labor are producing a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Haiti concerning illegal emigration from Haiti to TCI. The MOU will bullet-point directives to be used to fight it. Governor and President Martelly and members of their cabinets met to draft the MOU and come to an understanding about the seriousness of the issue.

Todd explained to Martelly TCI cannot handle the influx of illegal aliens from Haiti due to its small size and budget concerns. He got Martelly to apprehend the serious nature of illegal immigration to TCI, the risk of the ocean trip itself.

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Taiwan leader Ma Ying-jeou starts Caribbean tour in Haiti

Haiti's continued recognition of The Republic of China as a body which governs itself was met by the Asian country's readiness to offer almost $16 million to the recovery of the Caribbean nation after the crippling earthquake experienced in 2010. As such, a visit from Taiwan's President, Ma Ying-jeou during his tour of those countries in the Caribbean and South America, of the 23 worldwide which support Taiwan's sovereignty, is a welcome one.

Met at the airport by President Michel Martelly and Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe, Ma took stock of what he could of the country during his one day visit and held talks with the Haitian President at the presidential office concerning the reconstruction of the Port-au-Prince Supreme Court building, the project to which the donation had been appropriated. The two laid the ceremonial first stone of the building being built by OECC, a Taiwanese company based in the capital, Taipei. The new courthouse will be in the style of the neo-colonial and will be situated near the National Palace, also destroyed by the earthquake.

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Turks and Caicos Governor Ric Todd visits Haiti to discuss business partnership and migration

On Friday, August 9 2013 a delegation from Turks and Caicos visited Haiti for a trade mission. The team was led by EJ Saunders, the current CEO of Digicel TCI and the head of Providenciales Chamber of Commerce. Margarette Lemaire who is the Haitian Consul in TCI was also part of the delegation.

The mission is focused on identifying the investor opportunities in Haiti and exposing these opportunities to willing investors.

The trade mission is targeting various sectors in Haiti which include tourism industry, hotel industry, the agricultural sector, building and construction development and Haitian product distribution.

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US Ambassador to Haiti, Pamela Ann White

According to former Lower House President, Levaillant Louis-Jeune, Pamela Ann White, the United States Ambassador to Haiti, has become the one-woman representative of all things regarding the National Palace.

Louis-Jeune stated that a group of Minister's of Parliament was contriving to send a letter to the United States President, Barack Obama, informing him of the Haitian Ambassador's less than diplomatic behavior.

Pamela Ann White is widely considered a Martelly Administration spokesperson and as such her credibility suffers. As such, INITE, the National Coordinator, took her late statement about an election this year without weight.

Born in Lewiston Maine, in 1948, Pamela Ann White, US Ambassador stationed in Haiti, spent her formative years in nearby Auburn. She graduated from the Edward Little High School in 1967 and went on to graduate with a bachelor's degree in journalism from the University of Maine in 1971.

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Up To 50,000 Undocumented Haitian Living In Bahamas

Reports from the International Organization for Migration indicate that the numbers of undocumented Haitians residing in the Bahamas ranges from 20,000 to 50,000 yet only 5,000 Haitian are registered as migrant workers.

According to the report, approximately 13,000 family members depend and are sustained by these Haitian registered migrant workers.

The IOM's report quotes some statistics with respect to the children of the migrants that tends to bring a face of humanity to the most relatable notion deliberated on by the latest Constitutional Commission report in relation to the Bahamian citizenship right.

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Sandra Honore of Trinidad and Tobago, New UN envoy in Haiti

The peacekeeping mission of the United Nations in Haiti is a creature that is used to constant change. The newest of which is the appointment of a new head for the operation, Sandra Honore, who took up her post recently. The title is that of Head of the United Nations Stabilization Mission (MINUSTAH) as well as the UN's Special Representative to Ban Ki-moon, the United Nations Secretary General and her appointment was made at the end of May, 2013. The mission had its start in Haiti back in 2004 after embattled former Haitian President, Jean-Bertrand Aristide was unseated in a violent coup that greatly upset the stability of the nation.

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Canadian Peacekeeper in Haiti, two possible explanations for Canada new interest in Haiti

Recently, almost under the cover of darkness, Canadian troops were deployed into Haiti on a Peacekeeping mission. The new Canadian military presence in Haiti, represented by a small troop, can be attributed to one of two reasons, says a source from inside the foreign military who shared his views on the occupation.

They could be on a reconnaissance mission, aimed at intelligence gathering before a greater deployment of Canadian soldiers. The possible reason for this would be the pending alliance between Canada and Brazil, which currently oversees Haiti's security. Canada could be, in a gesture of goodwill towards Brazil, unburdening them from the task.

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Mexican Federal Electoral Institute (IFE) and CTCEP signed MOU

The Mexican Federal Electoral Institute (MFEI) held a global workshop July 1-4, 2013. Among delegations present during the four-day event, Haiti signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Mexico to make official a program exchange between the two countries to improve electoral operations.

In the MOU, among other things, training seminars will give instruction on electoral administration, mentorship support, and a manual of standard operating procedures to be used to guide the implementation of electoral responsibilities.

Transient College Permanent Electoral Council (TCPEC) President Emmanuel Ménard signed the MOU, along with signatories Leonardo Valdes Zuita, General Council President, and Edmundo Jacobo Molina, MFEI Executive Secretary.

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Congresswoman Maxine Waters urged Ban Ki-moon (UN) to finance Cholera, "Hispaniola Initiative"

U.S. Congress member, Maxine Waters, recently sent UN Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon, a letter signed by 18 congressional members, regarding the UN's inadequate response to the cholera epidemic in Haiti.

Waters targeted several issues concerning the UN's handling of the epidemic. Overall, Congress is disappointed at the slow pace of recovery, with the UN spending only $23.5 million dollars, or 1% of the $2.2 billion, required by the Hispaniola Initiative. The funding initiative has as its goals making decontaminated drinking water more available, building more sanitation-treatment centers, and ending the epidemic over the next decade.

Ban Ki-moon countered the charges, claiming the UN has provided $140 million-plus dollars in proactively treating victims of the epidemic over three years. He says the level of infection has been lowered 90%, and the death toll stands at only 1% currently.

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France's new Ambassador to Haiti, Patrick Nicoloso, Patrick Nicoloso

Patrick Nicoloso, who was declared the new ambassador to Haiti for France, arrived Haiti on Sunday June 23, 2013. A decree was published on May 24. The decree appointed Patrick Nicoloso as the new Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the French Republic to the Republic of Haiti. Patrick Nicoloso was preceded by Didier Le Bret. Didier Le Bret has been serving as French Ambassador to Haiti since 2009. The former Ambassador has now been appointed as Crisis Centre of French's Ministry of Foreign Affairs' director.

Patrick Nicoloso who is aged 61 has a very successful diplomatic career. He has worked as French diplomat in countries like Italy, Jordan, Brazil and Libya. Nicoloso has also held several other important diplomatic posts throughout his career. Among the most recent of his diplomatic associations was his service as French Ambassador to Sudan. Nicoloso who has been appointed as the French Ambassador to Haiti by a Presidential decree, was born on April 3, 1952 and had been working as French diplomat since 1976.

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