Haiti is a country that relies heavily on help from other countries. We need to maintain a good relationship with the international world. Haiti and the Dominican Republic are two countries that shares the island. Conflicts usually arise almost daily between Haitians and Dominicans. many people believe that the conflict between the two nations has its root from the occupation of the Dominican Republic by Haiti

Furor over CARICOM's Delayed Response to Constitutional Court Ruling

The Dominican Republic (DR) Constitutional Court's (CC) ruling, denying citizenship rights to Haitian-Dominican citizens is coming from one government official in the Caribbean region. But the anger is not directed so much at the DR as it is at CARICOM, a regional body advancing and protecting Caribbean nations' interests. Dr. Timothy Harris, an MP representing St. Kitts and Nevis, charges CARICOM with dragging its feet on the ultimate effect of denying citizenship status to descendents of Haitian migrants, deportation.

Although CARICOM is reluctantly taking a position on the matter , that's not good enough for Harris, who claims, "CARICOM is losing its vitality . . . (in) "matters of governance" . . . (and) "is being undermined . . ." Harris adds ex-Jamaican Prime Minister, PJ Patterson, had to apply pressure to get CARICOM to respond to the issue.

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Over 200,000 people In Dominican Republic have no place to call Home

I have decided to no longer take certain things for granted. For example, I have been living in the United States of America for many years. But once in a while, I will get these racist jokes in the streets like: "Go Home". Some of the people I meet, once they detect that I have an accent, they usually want to know if I am "Haitian", "Jamaican", "African", etc...

Regardless of all the economic, political, social difficulties, I am always proud to say that "I Am Haitian". To show that they know something about Haiti, my country, many would respond "Sak Passe","Map Boule".

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Jose Mujica of Uruguay to remove troops due to Haiti political impasse

Is he trying to say that Haiti is a basket case and that nothing worth while can be accomplished there?

You can interpret however you want, however Uruguay president Jose Mujica no longer wants to take any part in this mess.

He said recently that he plans to remove his country's nearly 1,000 peacekeeping troops from Haiti.

According to an interview on a local TV station, President Jose Mujica stated that he made that decision because of the lack of democratic progress in Haiti.

Let me tell you Mr. the President "You can never change Haiti". "Haiti will change you, or at least your conception as to what is logic"

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Dominicans are not Racists, they just don't like Black Haitians

Why would anyone think the people of the Dominican republic are racists. We are tolerant, and welcome foreigners just like all civilized societies. We just don't like "Black Haitians"

Where do you think this statement came from. You wouldn't believe it but this is a true statement coming out of the mouth of a Dominican in Miami.

This is how we set this: A good friend of mine who is white asked the other day to a Dominican Immigrant why is it that Dominicans and Haitians are often in conflict? To his surprise, his Dominican friend came with the above answer.

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Dominican Republic Ambassador Blames Haiti for Citizenship Irregularities

The Dominican Republic's (DR) Constitutional Court ruling descendents of illegal immigrants are not entitled to citizenship status has created an outcry among the international community (IC). Fears of mass deportations--as a result of the ruling--have led observers to declare many thousands of deportees will become stateless. They believe re-patriated Haitians will face obstacles negotiating Haiti's requirements for citizenship.

Suggestions the DR is engaging in ethnic cleansing have provoked a rebuttal from the Haitian Ambassador to the U.S., Anibal De Castro. She states the High Court ruling does not set precedence, only a reaffirmation of a ruling in 2005, which was amended in the 2010 Constitution. She adds the DR has every legal right to regulate immigration and develop transparent policies for obtaining citizenship.

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Dominicans are getting self-destructive, we should help them

Since the late 1960s when Haiti and the Dominican Republic had similar economy, the Dominican has been implementing a policy focused on economic development. One major section of that economic plan was the development of their tourism industry.

It has worked!

Thanks to its booming tourism industry, the Dominican Republic has become an economic superpower in the Caribbean, leaving its neighbor Haiti still seating in that economic misery called poverty.

However, there is one error the Dominicans are in the process of making, something that usually happen to many as they are becoming used to prosperity which is entitlement.

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Investigators raided private business office of Mayor Lucie Tondreau

For the third time in a matter of six months, the office of North Miami Mayor, Haitian born Lucie Tondreau, has been searched for evidence that would link her to fraudulent absentee-ballot requests suspected to have been submitted by her campaign earlier this year.

While Mayor Lucie Tondreau denies any involvement in such a scheme, Miami Beach police and prosecutors from the Miami-Dade area affirm that the IP address used to submit the online requests has been traced back to Tondreau and Associates, the mayor's North Miami public affairs consulting company. From the search was uncovered the identities of more than fifty people whose information was used for the requests, which were submitted for the mayoral runoff in June as well as for the first round of municipal elections a month before. These ballots were not mailed as, due to their dubious origins, they were flagged as wary.

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State Department called Haitian Parliament "Singularly Unproductive"

I don't know but this new label can't be good for our Haitian lawmakers in Haiti; specially those whom their term will come to an end in January of 2014. Let me correct this, for those who have discussions regarding their terms.

Can someone tell me exactly what "Singularly Unproductive" means?

According to the Special Coordinator for Haiti at the State Department, Thomas C. Adams, " The Haitian lawmakers have not passed enough laws that could help the country cope with the challenges of modern development and investment".

During a recent session before the Committee on Foreign Affairs of the House of Representatives in Washington, Thomas C. Adams said " The Haitian Parliament was singularly unproductive this past year, from something like 9 laws in total"

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Dominican Court Strip Citizenship from Children of Haitian Migrants

In a recent judgment by Dominican court On September 26, 2013, a decision has been taken to strip the Dominican citizenship of Haitians who were born on Dominican soil after 1929. This awesome category even deprives the right of the citizenship to the descendents of the Haitians who were brought in almost 100 years ago to work on farms.

The Dominican court has reasoned that those Haitian farm workers were "in transit". So it is quite natural that their children are not entitled to automatic citizenship. Prior to the constitutional revisions of 2010, the government had been regularly granting citizenship automatically to any individual born within its borders even to the children of the parent who was "in transit" for a period more than 10 days. In 2007, the Electoral Council of the country, officially announced denial of citizenship to children born to illegal migrants. This decision of Dominican court that left thousands of people stateless may cause a human rights crisis.

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Dominican Republic Ruling Deprives Haitian Migrants of Citizenship

Haiti and the Dominican Republic (DR) have shared the island of Hispaniola for over 300 years. The relationship between them has been fraught by intermittent periods of violence and stress. Another cycle of conflict is beginning with the DR Constitutional Court's ruling migrated Haitians born on Dominican soil are no longer citizens, unless one of the parents is of Dominican ethnicity.

Haitians affected by the Dominican Republic Ruling include anyone born after 1929. This discriminates against Haitians brought to the DR to provide farm labor. The paradox created makes Haitian descendants of migrants, not only non-citizens of the DR, but also of Haiti.

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