La Chapelle a Strong Catholic Community in Haiti

La Chapelle, known in Creole as Lachapèl, operates as a city-ship in the Saint Marc Arrondissement, in the Artibonite Division. Other city-ships in the Artibonite Division include Verrettes and Saint Marc.


La Chapelle, Haiti

La Chapelle is situated southward from the Atlantic Ocean, indistinguishable in its aquamarine jewel-toned beauty from the Caribbean Sea, only a few miles west of La Chapelle. Gonaïves is the closest city to La Chapelle, while Cap Haïtien and Port-au-Prince lie further out.

As Haiti is largely Catholic, it is no surprise Catholicism is the dominant religion in La Chapelle, with a minority of Protestants and Voodoo believers. Residents of La Chapelle worship at Saint John, an Evangelical Roman Catholic Church, the church being the focal point of the religious community. Voodoo believers practice their own rites, with aspects of Catholicism incorporated into their rituals.

As a small town with a population of 19,000 residents, La Chapelle does not operate an airport. To fly out of Haiti, the town depends on Cap Haïtien International Airport located 32 miles from La Chapelle. Closer, smaller airports are in Dajabon and Monte Cristi.

Agriculture is a mainstay of the local economy. Farmers plant crops indigenous to the Caribbean region, among them bananas, mangoes, coffee, and sugarcane.

La Chapelle's infrastructure needs maintenance attention. Services that need on-going funding include healthcare, schools, sanitation systems, and utility delivery to all parts of the town. Roads also need maintenance and in some cases need to be rebuilt.

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