Manipulation process for Election results has started in Haiti

While election officials are pleading for patience as to the election results, the candidates are positioning themselves for the possible results.


The presidential field was so confusing that there was little clarity about who might have been the leading contenders. Pre-election polls did not help the process as many of them were unreliable in some cases delivered as a type of manipulation tool.

The camp for candidate Jude Celestin stated that their candidate was the victim of an electoral Coup d'etat on Sunday.
They take notes of many irregularities on election day. Also many of their observers were denied access at several voting centers

Moise Jean Charles cry foul as he also observed some irregularities on election day. He complained about massive frauds and irregulatities in the election. Specifically, at Ecole National Fort St. Michel and Ecole Professional in Cap-Haitian also at Unasmo in Delmas.

In the meantime, Maryse Narcisse was declared winner of the election by a one specific media
According to news media, Omega World News, Maryse Narcisse wan the elections by 61 percent

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Subject: Manipulation process for Election results has started in Haiti edit

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