Jamaica Constabulary Force in Haiti to Fight guns-for-drugs Trade

As per news report dated September 18, 2015, as part of a plan to boost collaboration between the two countries, and reduce the number of illegal guns and ammunition possessed by the criminals under an aggressive "Get-the-Guns" campaign, a group of Jamaican Constabulary Force (JCF) members would be stationed in Haiti. The joint force, with a deeper tie between the JCF and Haitian police, will work together to disrupt and shrink the illicit drugs for guns trades within the countries. The operation will include more numbers of police presences on the roads, island-wide search, exchange of information and seizure operations, increasing the monitoring of coastlines, and greater use of police intelligence resources. Incentives will be provided to the police personnel and the police stations involved with the credits of seizures.


As per Commissioner William's statement, in the past ten years, about 10,300 murders (around 75% of total 13,780) were committed with illegal weapons and an additional 9,000 Jamaicans were shot and injured with them. Furthermore, 20,598 persons were robbed at gunpoint while many of them were killed during the course of robberies and some 1,200 women and girls were raped defenseless at gunpoint.

Within a few days of the Commissioner's announcement in a press conference at his Old Hope Road headquarters in St. Andrew on September 17, the Haitian authority has reported that the partnership has led to the seizure of the largest cache of weapons and drugs so far in 2015. On Monday, September 21, 15 members of the narcotics branch of the Haitian Police Force, deployed to Ile A Veach, have seized 13 firearms, an assortment of ammunitions and 2,500 pounds of ganja. Ile A Veach is considered as the central point of illicit gun-for-drugs trade between Jamaica and Haiti. The Haitian Police has thanked JCF's National Intelligence Bureau (NIB) for providing critical intelligence that led to the successful seizure of the firearms, ammunition and drugs.

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