Massacre La Scierie, St-Marc

In February of 2004, a massacre took place in St. Marc. This is how Judge Jules has described the event that occurred that day, initiated by the extremist group Balé Wouzé. For 20 years, a controversy has raged as to who the culprits were, and whether or not carnage wreaked that day on St. Marc citizens was an armed conflict to commit genocide or a massacre. A victim toll of 44 fatalities was reported after the investigation concluded.


Judge Jules found not enough forensic evidence existed to validate the theory of an armed conflict, particularly because ". . . there were not victims on both sides . . ." Jules did find enough legal ground on which to convict ex-Prime Minister Yvon Neptune and Jocelerme Privert and Calixte Delatour, Lavalas Interior Justices.

Balé Wouzé leader, Amanus Mayette's cousin, Yfto Mayette, set a fire in his medical clinic to give an impression it was an armed conflict, aimed at ethnic cleansing. The massacre was brutal. Citizens were killed, raped, decapitated, burned alive, and victims of other heinous methods of torture and death.

The Haitian National Police (HNP) and a paramilitary group carried out the massacre. Evidence at trial showed Neptune spent over 60% of his time on the phone, speaking with the HNP regarding the operation in progress at that time.

Although some believe Aristide was behind the armed conflict, evidence is lacking, and he and his closest administrators have been exonerated.

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