Bi-lateral Talks to Resume between Haiti and the DR

High-level talks are set to resume between Haiti and the Dominican Republic (DR) in January 2014. The DR had been reluctant to continue a second round of talks last year, due to criticism the DR has received from the international community on its High Court ruling back in September 2013 that would displace nearly a quarter of a million Dominican-Haitians.


CARICOM and President Martelly set an agenda, which would require the DR to develop a plan for regularization of Dominican-Haitian citizens to receive their identity documents as quickly as possible. Martelly and CARICOM wanted to see a plan in 90 days time. CARICOM suspended the DR's membership to send a message they needed to address the citizenship issue without delay.

Prime Minister Lamothe will attend the talks with a five-member commission composed of Foreign Minister Pierre Casimir; Commerce Minister Wilson Laleau; Interior Minister David Bazile; and Nesmy Manigat, special advisor.

The DR Prime Minister, Gustavo Montalvo, will attend the meeting with a commission made up of Interior and Police Minister Jose Fadul; Industry and Commerce Minister Jose del Castillo; Deputy Foreign Minister Jose Trullols; and Executive Legal Consultant, Cesar Toribio. The two delegations will meet in Ouanaminthe, a border town near the DR.

The discussions will address the issues of immigration, commerce, the environment, natural resources, security, and natural disasters. At the heart of these discussions will be the DR High Court's ruling, which has concerned not only Haiti, but her allies, Cuba and Venezuela.

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