Michel Martelly and Bishop Pierre-Andre Dumas in Anse-a-Veau

In July, Haitian President Martelly, along with Bishop Pierre-Andre Dumas and Food for the Poor Representative Daniel Rouzier, visited a village located in Nippes Department's Anse-à-Veau that was built for the displaced victims of the 2010 earthquake and the various floods in the department. It was a project done by the NGO Food for the Poor where about sixty homes were built. The trio also launched the town's new Sainte Anne Polytechnic School during their visit.


The Martelly administration has been launching several projects for the development of Haiti's economy and for the welfare of all Haitians, especially the victims of the devastating 2010 earthquake. It has also urged for the decentralization of the government's power and resources to local governments and smaller public sectors in order to extend its public service to the smallest of communes and villages.

The President, Bishop Pierre-Andre Dumas, and Rouzier were welcomed to Anse-à-Veau by Nippes Department's Delegate Alex Tropnaz, who is Martelly's long-time guitarist when he was still active in the Haitian music industry. Tropnaz's Nippes is the newest and youngest department of the country as it was made independent only in 2003 after splitting from the Grand'Anse Department. It has also been succumbed to different natural disasters which have left thousands of residents in poor conditions. There is thus still much development to do in the region and Martelly's decentralization campaign will hopefully be able to push through. The President has promised Nippes' residents that he will be greatly invest on the department's growth.

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