Michel Martelly Martelly enjoying over 80% Approval

Eat your heart out, opposition! I am assuming that the Haitian President Michel Martelly is probably saying just that following the result of the poll taken by the PR firms, Newlink and Dagmar, showing that the president is enjoying a comfortable 80.5% rating among the population. This is historic since this actually put him as the president with the highest approval rating in the Western Hemisphere.


Now, I am totally confused.

Isn't it just recently that anti-government protests brought tens of thousands of people to the streets of Port-au-Prince? what about the recent success of the Lavalas party in putting thousands and thousands of people to protest against the Martelly government?

Some would not believe an approval rating of 80.5 for our president. Would you? Do you think these numbers have been cooked up?

Mesanmi, nou tande! Etid montre ke Prezidan Martelly se prezidan ke moun pi satisfè de travay li ke tout lot prezidan nan kanton-an. E tout moun ki tape pran lary dèyè Matelly yo, eske nou tande?

Eske nou panse ke etid sa ki fè konnin ke plis ke 80 % nan popilasyon-an aprove sa lape fè se yon manti?

Eske ou kwe ke nimero sa se yon boul Bôlette?

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Juls Casseus says...

Rayi chen men se pou ou admet ke Dan l blan. Après tout kraze brize, tout krabinay ke lavalas te pote denpi plus pase 20 an se Konya a nou we yon ti limye konstriksyon ak president

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Roland Berthold says...

Thank you for the correction.

Although sometimes my biggest enemy is time, i will do my best to read the text before sending it

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Soulshadow55 says...

I love your announcements and your site but you might want to read your statements twice before you post them. You mention "resident" then "president." Please make sure to read your announcements before posting

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