Michel Martelly Officially Inaugurates the Delmas Viaduct

The construction of the overpass at the intersection with the road to Delmas, the Toussaint Louverture Boulevard and Martin Luther King Avenue, which was started in April 2013, has been completed and it has been inaugurated by President Martelly on Friday, August 7th, 2015. The Haitian Prime Minister Evans Paul, Mr. Jules Cantave, President of the Court Cassation, Wilson Laleau, the Minister of Economy and Finance and several other members of the government were present at the inaugural venue at the Carrefour Airport intersection.


Delmas Viaduct is an eight channel exchanger; it has been built to open easy access to the areas neighboring Delmas, Nazon and above all, overcome the traffic problems. It was a $16.5 million project with PetroCaribe Funding, constructed by one Dominican construction firm 'Estrella' under the supervision of the firm LGL SA. The prime contract was awarded by the Directorate of Public Works of the Ministry. During his inaugural speech, the President Martelly has thanked all who had contributed to the work and welcomed the realization of such a "great work. Another second connector which will serve the population of Carrefour and users of the National No. 2, is presently under construction and is scheduled to open in September 2015.

We may recall that when this construction work had started on March 31, 2014, hundreds of demolishing men came on a Monday midday, armed with equipment to demolish buildings on Delmas 17 and 9. They demolished every buildings, schools, warehouses, churches to make way for this 550 meter bridge. Many of the property owners preferred to demolish on their own to avoid pitiless destruction. In a cloud of dust, people stacked their saved belongings on the roadside under the covers of tarpaulin. Not everyone was properly compensated.

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