Over a dozen US Marines on the way to Haiti for reinforcement

Following the recent protest in Haiti, The US embassy in Haiti has contacted the State Department and requested additional security personnel.

We were informed that the request has been granted and as a result, approximately 13 Marines, as well as other security personnel are already heading to Haiti to reinforce the current staff of the US Marines Corps and State Department security personnel already in place there.

The United States Marines are one of the four branches of the United States Armed Forces responsible for conducting amphibious operations with the U.S Navy. On July 28, 1915, when Woodrow Wilson was the U.S President, the United States occupation of Haiti began with the landing of 330 Marines. This July intervention took place following the murder of Haitian dictator President Jean Vilbrun Guillaume. He was killed by some insurgents angered by his political executions of elite opposition. Historically, the first batch of the USS Montana disembarked on the Haitian soil more than one year earlier, on January 27, 1914. The U.S occupation in Haiti ended on August 1, 1934, after President Franklin D. Roosevelt reaffirmed an August 1933 disengagement agreement.

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Lt. Gen. Henri Namphy is dead

Lt. Gen. Henri Namphy died Tuesday afternoon in the Dominican Republic from lung cancer, according to his niece Elisabeth Delatour Préval. Namphy lived in exile in the Dominican Republic following the 1988 coup. He never returned to Haiti. He died at the age of 85.

Lt. Gen. Henri Namphy was head of interim National Council of Government that took charge of Haiti on Feb. 7 1986, after Dictator Jean-Claude "Baby Doc" Duvalier fled into exile in France. He briefly served as president before his ouster in a military coup. Lt. Gen. Prosper Avril, would replace Namphy in another coup led by members of the Haitian Armed Forces.

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Emotional Haitian-born graduating from West Point Military Academy

Here is a Haitian born who couldn't hold his tears as he was graduating from West Point Military Academy. Alix Idrache was born in Haiti. He became second lieutenant in the US Military. This picture was taken during his graduation with 950 classmates and shared with thousands around the world in the social media. As he later explained after seeing the picture, "I was overwhelmed with emotions". He has plan to become a pilot as he will shortly report to FT. Rucker to start flight school.

What do you think

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Four gunmen in Cayes' Police station attack dead

So much for a plan of attack. Four of the assailants who ransacked the Police Station in Cayes are dead. According to sources, the traffic accident took place following the attack. Among the things found at the location of the accident were rifles and pistols. One of the wounded seeing here stated that Senate candidate Guy Philippe was behind the attack.

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FLASH - Guy Philippe, a suspect in the attack on Commissariat of Cayes

The plan to assault the Commissariat in Cayes was planned in Pestel by no other than Guy Philippe. This is what was revealed in the preliminary investigation on the attack this morning. One of the bandits captured, Teneus Remy, spoke, stating that he was involved in the Coup; that everything was organized in Pestel by Guy philippe

What do you think?

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FLASH - Former soldiers attacked Commissariat of Cayes this morning, three captured

A group of about 50 individuals dressed in Military uniforms, attacked the Commissariat of Cayes early Monday (5/16/16) around 3:00AM. Several police Officer from APENA received gunshot wounds. One Police Officer in critical condition. Three of the aggressors have been arrested, taken to the Commissariat of Cayes

According to the information unfolding as we speak, The Former Military guys arrived at the Commissariat, demanded the keys for the prison which were unable at the time. Instead the Police officers reacted, fought back and the military former soldiers left the scene. After they committed their assault, on their way back, they got into an accident at Plaine Matin". Three of them have been arrested and brought back to the Commissariat of Cayes

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Military Corps of Engineers blocked Minister of Defense in Pacot

On Monday, May 9, 2016 the tension was very high at the gate of the Minister of Defense in Pacot. It was reported that several dozens of armed soldiers from the body of Military of Engineering(CORGE) took position at the gate of the Minister of Defense, preventing access to the employees of the minister. They locked the main gate of the institution to demand their use in securing the country.

Enex Jean Charles who is both the Prime Minister and Minister of Defense was unable to access the facility either.

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Canada to take over command MINUSTAH in Haiti from Brazil

Canada agrees to replace Brazil and take command over UN stabilization mission in Haiti. UN stabilization mission in Haiti currently has 2,370 soldiers, 2,600 police officers, and 1,500 civilian officials on the ground in Haiti, including five Canadian soldiers and 90 police officers. Based on an agreement between Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon in February, 2016, Canada will increase it participation in UN Peacekeeping missions in Haiti by sending 1,000 to 2,000 police officers and soldiers and take over command of the UN mission from Brazil after its mission mandate expires in October.

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Kenneth Merten in Haiti, Marine Bataillon ready to be deployed

We learned that the Special Coordinator for Haiti, Kenneth Merten , has been ordered by Secretary of State John Kerry to come to Haiti to assure that President Michel Martelly leave power on February 7th and the transitional is done smoothly. We also learned that following the display of force by former Haitian soldiers, a Marine batallon located in Camp Lejeune in North Carolina has been advised to be ready to go to Haiti in case there is a need for that

We are currently living in a very sensitive time and at any time things can change. Stay with us for any development

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The Haitian Military is back once again

President Michel Martelly and Prime Minister Evans Paul adopted a Decree at the "Conseil Des Ministres" that took place on November 9, 2015 for the establishment and functioning of the Defense Ministry which in turn reorganized the Haitian army that was eliminated on in 1994. Remember, this was one of the promises from candidate Michel Martelly in 2010. How this new army will be finance, no one knows.

Haitian Kreyol:
Mesanmi, Talon kikit retounin pi red, militè ayisyen tounen yon lòt fwa ankò.

Prezidan Michel Martelly ak Pwemye Minis Evans Paul te adopte yon dekrè nan "Conseil Des ministr" ki te fèt 9 novanm 2015 pase pou etablisman ak fonksyonman Ministè defans ki reorganize lame Ayisyen an ki te elimine nan lanne 1994. Sonje se te youn nan pwomès kandida Michel Martelly nan 2010.

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