Lafrance Abdel, Haitian Saxophonist

Lafrance Abdel is a famous Haitian Saxophonist who has been in the music industry for such a long time that he is nothing but a perfect example of what the entire business is all about. He has been in the business for a long time having started his career at a very tender age. He is still a very good professional at what he does and this may be the reason why he has reached this far.


Lafrance was born and raised in Haiti where he also attended school. However due to the many Haitian problems surrounding the country, he was raised with a lot of problems where his family experienced a great deal of problems raising the children.

Lafrance Abdel is very good at playing the sax where he has performed in various numerous shows such as nu look, reflex, d'zine, zatrap, volo-volo, 509, traffic music and size music. This makes him a celebrity all over the world where he has been able to achieve a great deal in the kompa music industry much more than anyone of his competitors.

Lafrance Abdel plays various different kinds of music such as jazz, salsa, kompa and many others. This makes him a variety musician where there are many fans for is different kinds of music. He is definitely a musician of a kind in the current world trends in the industry and as such a very much loved artist.

There is however very little available in the web on his biography and we would highly appreciate it if you decided to add some information of Abdel. You could give an account of his accomplishments and lively hood by submitting any information of Abdel right here and such an action would highly be appreciated.

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