This is the Haitian Kompa Music, the most popular form of music in Haiti. Someof the most talented Kompa bands include T-Vice, Djakout, Tropicana D'haiti, Septent, Skah Shah, Tabou Combo. In term of individual artists of the Haitian music, we have some popular names such as Bethova Obas, Coupe Cloue, Ansy and Yole Derose, and more

Emmanuel Manno Turenne, of Tropicana D'Haiti, is Dead

We learn about the news this morning. One of the long time members of Orchestre Tropicana has passed away. Maestro Emmanuel (Manno) Turenne has passed away on Monday, March, 4, 2013.

This was reported in Matin Caraibes, a popuolar Redio show in port-au-Prince on Tuesday, March 5th, 2013.

The former maestro of the orchestra Tropicana Haiti, Emmanuel Turène, died Monday evening in his private residence in Cap-Haitien, at the age of 72, after a long illness. Popular songs such as "Happy new year", "party Nwel Nap" or "Ti Deniz," are part of the repertoire of this great Haitian musician.

We have not been able to collect all the information about his death. Once we have more information, we will share it with you.

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Compas Music has Evolved with the Times

Compas music, popular among the middle-class of the Caribbean, particularly Haiti, is the island's favorite music to dance to. Generations of Haitians since the 1800s have grooved to this light variation of the meringue.

Sax player Nemours Jean Baptiste raised the profile of Compas in the early 50s when he performed in clubs in Port-au-Prince neighborhoods. The key to Compas's success back then was its freedom to improvise, while maintaining a consistent rhythm. Caribbean Compás musicians sing in several languages, among them Créole, English, and Spanish.

Mini-jazz, an offshoot of Compás, emerged in the 60s. It was derived from yeye bands, an airy form of rock and roll. Added instrumentation included electric lead and rhythm guitars, bass, percussion, and a horn section. Compás musician Shleu-Shleu led the Mini-Jazz revolution with bands that played in communes like Pétionville. Some exponents of this trend included Fréres Dé Jean, Bossa Combo, and Les Difficiles. In the 70s, synthesizers were added to the mix.

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Zouk Music Adaptable and Cross-Pollinating Genre

Zouk music originally sprouted from Martinique and Guadeloupe, islands in the Caribbean. Characterized by an energetic beat, it emerged in the 80s through the success of Kassav', a French Antillean band.

Zouk, derived from cadence music, found popularity with fans of Exile One and Grammacks. Sung in Créole, Zouk distinguishes itself as recording music. Music artists often dominate the form, subsuming the players.

Translated, Zouk means festival, well-named because it uses carnival rhythms and contains West African influences. Innovative Zouk band, Exile One, incorporated U.S. Rock and Soul genrés, propelling Zouk mania throughout Martinique and Guadeloupe.

But Kassav' is the group that brought it to world-wide prominence. Kassav' added the sounds of Reggae, Salsa, and Compás to their compositions, attaining status as the "most popular, pioneering, and enduring band", according to one music industry executive. Zouk concerts over time adopted U.S., Australian, and European Heavy Metal influences, catching on like wildfire around the globe, particularly in emerging nations.

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New National Music Program for Haiti

Haiti's National Institute of Music (NIM) is initiating a new program, the System of Orchestras and Choirs Juvenile and Infantile (SOCJI). Recently President Michel Martelly signed a contract with the Venezuelan government to begin designing and implementing SOCJI. Attending the signing were Haiti's Minister of Culture, Josette Darguste, and Venezuelan Ambassador Pedro Canino.

A comprehensive project, SOCJI will supplement basic-education skills with a cultural- arts program. The idea began after President Martelly's attendance at an international summit in Venezuela in 2011. Delegates were invited to a concert where a gathering of 600 music students from across Venezuela performed. The students are part of Venezuela's El Sistema, a program created to develop student orchestras and choirs. The program is targeted at impoverished children and teens, who receive very little formal education. Martelly saw that it was a program that could be duplicated in Haiti, a country with many of the same challenges in building an education infrastructure as Venezuela.

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Harmonik Welcomes New Band Member Ti Papi

Looks like former NU Look guitarist Ti Papi is not really done with music yet. Earlier reports said that the musician, who resigned from NU Look recently because he said he needed to look for a job, has joined Harmonik. These reports were recently confirmed by Harmonik representatives based in Miami in the United States.

Some sources said that Ti Papi's close relationship with Harmonik lead guitarist Sanders Solon might have something to do with this development. Moreover, the decision was reportedly made as Ti Papi wanted to move his career forward and he believes that this would be possible by joining Harmonik. The band will officially launch Ti Papi at an upcoming premier in Hollywood. The performance is titled Carimi Vs. Harmonik. Fans might soon be hearing a new slogan that Harmonik came up with for Ti Papi and it goes like this: "Ti Papi ou jwen mezi soulye."

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Jonathan Perry, AKA J Perry, the new Super Star in Haitian Music

Here is the latest song from the Haitian music artist J Perry. The sons is titled Enjoy Haiti. Like his previous hit song "Dekole, the new song "Enjoy Haiti" is expected to become a hit. It has all the elements to be the next popular song in the Haitian public.

Jonathan Perry (J Perry) was born June 4th 1988, in Port au prince, Haiti. He started playing music at the very young age of 6. He came from a large family; however, he was the only boy growing up among three sisters. In descending order, his sisters are "Shirley, the oldest, then comes Cynthia and then Chrystelle. His favorite dishes are Haitian food and Italian food. Jonathan Perry (J Perry) just love pasta.

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Arly Lariviere, the Haitian artist who sings with a purpose

Arly Lariviere had the passion of being a musician since he was baby and this love of music was passed on by his father and Tropicana D'Haiti. He is a real talented singer whose melodies and words flow through his veins without much effort.

Arly Larivière - A Qui La Faute:

Watch more music videos from Arly Lariviere.....

Arly Lariviere has decided to retire from the Nu look group; not his own will but because of certain activities carried out by the group that have not pleased him and his family. His decision will greatly affect the members of the group and their dependants, so he therefore decided to remain active for some time.

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Jocel Almeus, Haitian Video Producer

He is an all-time star in the music industry. Jocel Almeus is also a video producer who has achieved a great deal of achievements in his lifetime. He was born and raised in Haiti where he established his interest in the music industry and where he also got to acquire the knowledge on how to go about the production of videos. He has for a very long time been involved with a great deal of productions where he has shown how much he can do and the heights he can reach.

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Lafrance Abdel, Haitian Saxophonist

Lafrance Abdel is a famous Haitian Saxophonist who has been in the music industry for such a long time that he is nothing but a perfect example of what the entire business is all about. He has been in the business for a long time having started his career at a very tender age. He is still a very good professional at what he does and this may be the reason why he has reached this far.

Lafrance was born and raised in Haiti where he also attended school. However due to the many Haitian problems surrounding the country, he was raised with a lot of problems where his family experienced a great deal of problems raising the children.

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Marc Antoine, Haitian singer

A Haitian origin singer born and raised in Montreal, Quebec, Canada on 26 April 1977, Marc Antoine is one of the few artists that have had a talent in singing and had to concentrate in it so as to get to where they are today. This is precisely because he did attend school in Canada and furthered them at a law school where he achieved his law practicing certificate but decided to further his music talent.

Marc Antoine has no regrets for his decision since he has been able to easily make it to further heights than he actually had imagined. Born by singing parents he started singing at a very tender age where he initially imitated Michael Jackson and the famous boys II men. Together with his brother they both did this for a while until he decided to follow his own path and established his own songs eventually which have taken him to great heights.

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