Is it true that Libra are peaceful, fair, and hate being alone?

If you were born any time between September 23 and October 22, you are a Libra person, because during your birth, the Sun was in Libra astrological sign. Your birth sign is represented by a 'scale', because you love to seek balance, harmony and co-operation in relationships with others. The strong points about you are-- diplomatic, peaceful, balanced, hospitable, social and idealistic. However, your main weaknesses are, you are indecisive, avoid confrontations, usually carry a grudge, superficial and unreliable. You like partnerships and groups. You hate being alone. You are happiest when other people are around and when other people are doing their work. You could be lazy, dislike hard work, but love to live in a posh surrounding and nice decor.


Your ruling planet Venus is a lover of beauty and expensive fancy items. Quality is always more important to you than quantity. You can initiate great business ideas but need someone else to execute the work. Librans make good business partners, but not good business people on their own. Librans have excellent instincts and intuition, but they do not trust them enough. They are mostly underachievers due to their easygoing attitudes. They just do whatever comes their way, but stands up if a situation or something involving them is unfair. Finding a compatible partner is always a priority in their lives. Librans are believers in justice for all. Librans are unbiased, have the ability to be fair and reasonable in judgment and hence make good arbitrators.

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Subject: Is it true that Libra are peaceful, fair, and hate being alone? edit

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