Overview Of Haiti's Senate

The Senate in Haiti is also referred to as the Upper House, which is one of the houses making up the bicameral Parliament. There are certain characteristics that separate the Senate from the Lower House, or the Chamber of Deputies.


The first round of senatorial election was held in November 2005 and the second round occurred three months later. There are 27 senators with a ratio of three per department. Senators are appointed through a voting system. Those who gained absolute majority will get to serve in the Upper House for six years but re-election takes place every two years.

Not everyone can run for Senate seats because there are requirements that have to be met. A candidate must be a Haitian citizen and is at least 30 years old. The candidate must also be a resident of the involved department for four years. He/she must own a land and is a professional in the said department as well. Those who have criminal records and were sentenced for a crime that strip them off their civil rights are not eligible to run for senate.

The Senate holds a session every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, while Mondays and Fridays are served for committee meetings only. The Upper House has lesser power over the Lower House in the sense that it could not make or veto legislations. It is considered a review committee, thereby the only authority it has is to review and consider legislations passed by the Lower House. The current Senate President is Kely Bastien, who has been in the position since 2006.

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