People with sweat, high body temperature, more attractive to Mosquitoes

Once the mosquito is at close range to you, the reason they keep coming back to you even after you push them away is because of the lactic acid, uric acid, ammonia and other substances you expel via your sweat. If you are exercising, this tends to increase the level of lactic acid and heat in your body; it is likely to make you stand out to mosquito bite. Research also found that some people genetically emit more uric acid and other substances naturally more easily found by mosquito than others.


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Moun ki swe at tanperati plis atire Moustik

Yon fwa moustik la nan ranje fèmen ak moun, rezon ki fè yo kenbe tounen sou ou, menm apre ou pouse yo lwen se Paske se yon asid laktik, asid asid, amonyak ak sibstans ki sou nou ke nou voye atravè swe ou yo. Si w ap fè egzèsis, sa a gen tandans a augmenter nivo nan asid laktik ak chalè nan kò ou. Rechèch te jwenn tou ke gen kèk moun Jenetikman ki emèt plis asid ke lot . Yo natirèlman jwenn plis moustik pase lòt moun.

Ki sa ou panse ?

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Subject: People with sweat, high body temperature, more attractive to Mosquitoes edit

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