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Michel Ange Gedeon, ratified by the Senate as new Police Chief of Haiti

Michel Ange Gedeon has finally been nominated as Director General of the National Police of Haiti. The Senate of the Republic ratified Mr Gideon for 3 years to remain in control of the National Police of Haiti.

In last February (29th), Michel-Ange Gédéon was promoted to the post of Inspector General of the National Police of Haiti (PNH) from his earlier offices, Divisional Commissioner and former head of the West Departmental Office (DDO). In last April, he was installed as the Director General of the Haitian National Police, replacing his predecessor Godson Orélus, appointed during the Martelly regime. He submitted 14 of the 16 requested documents to the Senate Justice and Public Safety Committee being led by Jean Renel Senatus (LIDE/Ouest). However, his appointment was held in an interim status, subject to a ratification by the Senate of the Republic. Finally, his installation has been legitimized by the Senate through a ratification on Thursday, August 25, 2016. During his installation while replacing Godson Orélus in last April, Gédéon had said, "Politics have hurt our institution. Under my leadership, I want a neutral police force, far from politics and professional."

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Story of North Miami police accidental shooting doesn't add up

As you may remember in the previous article, North Miami police shot Charles Kinsey, a black therapist who was trying to calm an autistic patient while his hands were up in the air. A union official called it an accidental shooting. However people on the side of Charles Kinsey do not quite buy this story of accidental shooting. According to Kinsey's boss, that explanation doesn't add up. Mr. Clint Bower who runs the center for the developmentally disabled where Kinsey works stated this is "just outrageous". "They are now saying they intended to shoot my client, and instead they shot my employee"

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Police chief Gary Eugene reacted after his officer shot unarmed black man

Another incident of police shooting of an unarmed black man took place in North Miami where the Police chief is Haitian-American Gary Eugene. Kinsey, 47, who is a worked at a Group Home for mentally disable people in North Miami was shot by the police when he went to retrieve an autistic man carrying a toy truck that was wandered from a mental health center. He was shot even after he throws his hands up in the air and says, 'Don't shoot me.'

Police Chief Gary Eugene who is new in the position is looking for answers. He stated that no weapon had been recovered after one of his officers shot an unarmed mental healthcare worker. It was later revealed by a representative of the Police union that the bullet that struck the caregiver was meant to protect him. The North Miami police officer actually took aim at the autistic man next to him, but missed

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$4,5 millions Petrocaribe fund spent on Polaris not delivered

The corruption regarding PetroCaribe fund does not seem to be ending any time soon. More stuff are being discovered each day. The latest discovery is a $4,5 millions dollars spent by the Martelly government to equip Haiti National Police with some Polaris vehicles to facilitate movement. According to Senator Youri Latortue on Radio Scoop FM yesterday, none of the vehiches were deliverd to the PNH. The information was furnished by the actual Policer chief, Mchel Ange Gedeon.

The only Polaris vehicles in possession of the PNH are 20 given by the Canadian Embassy. These fund were released at the time Evans Paul was Prime Minister.

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Flash - Police officer shot dead after purchase from street vendor

This afternoon, Friday, May 27, 2016 what comes to become a current event in Haiti, a Police Officer is assassinated. Born on May 15, 1983 at Cerca Cavajal, Loubens Desrameaux who graduated with the 22nd promotion of the PNH was shot dead at the vicinity of Champs de Mars after purchasing a bottle of Guinness from a street vendor

What do you think?

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84 suspected criminals graduated with the 26th promotion of the PNH

The National Human Rights Network(RNDDH) revealed that several individuals with criminal records are included in the
26th promotion of the police academy who graduated on Tuesday.

On the same day that 1475 new agents came out of the Police Academy, RNDDH shared a list comprising of 84 individuals with the same names of some of those graduates with grave suspicion on them.

- 16 are former prisoner who evaded during the 2010 earthquake
- 16 are members of various criminal gangs
- 10 were involved in rape, in some cases involving minor children
- 7 involved in "Voies de Fait"
- 3 involved in crime with gun
- 3 having problem with the justice system for possession of illegal guns
- 2 individuals deported from U.S. for their involvement in robberies and abuse on minors
- 1 individual was involved in kidnapping

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Seven demobilized FAD'H soldiers arrested in St. Mark

April 14, 2016 - Seven (7) demobilized soldiers of Haiti FAD'H were arrested by Haiti national Police after they had occupied the offices of the old building Frecyneau Police Station in St. Mark.

Haiti national Police received the help from MINUSTAH to conduct the operation. There was not shot fired. Upon the arrival of teh Police, some of the demobilized soldiers fled

Information obtained revealed two of the seven soldiers arrested are former Police Officers in St. Mark

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Michel-Ange Gedeon, appointed Director General of the National Police

Friday, April 8, 2016, to the surprise of many, the head of of the Central Directorate of Administrative Police (DCPA), Michel-Ange Gedeon, was appointed by President Jocelerme Privert as the new Director General of the National Police, replacing Godson Orelus, pending ratification by the Senate of the Republic. The ceremony took place at the National Police Headquarters in Pétion-Ville

Michel-Ange Gedeon was appointed about a Month ago at the Central Directorate of administrative police. In this new position, he will be focusing on the security of the population.

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Police officer Gerald Francois killed in Portail Leogane

The Police officer Gérald François is the latest law enforcement in Haiti who was cowardly assassinated. This took place on Wednesday, March 2, 2016 in Portail Léogane. he was found covered with blood close to Théâtre National. According to the judge Fritz Belliard who came to the location, the officer received at least 5 bullets.

Haitian Kreyol:

Ofisye polis Gérald François mouri nan Portail Leyogàn

Ofisye Polis Gérald François sa fè dènye Ofisye polis Ayiti ki moun ki mouri lachman pa bal asasin. Sa a te fèt nan Mekredi 2 mas, 2016 nan Portail Leyogàn. Yo te jwenn li kouvri ak san tou pre Théâtre Nasyonal la. Dapre jij Fritz Belliard ki te vin fè konsta, ofisye a te resevwa omwen 5 bal.

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New York Haitian Cop issued most Traffic Violations in 2015

It's either he has passion for doing his job or we are just dealing with an unsecure individual feeling that he constantly need to prove that he can do the job. A Haitian-American Police Officer in new York received the distinguished honor by his Police Department for holding the record in distributing the most traffic violations in 2015. Haitian-American Police Officer, Arnous Morin, who emigrated in United states in 2005 issued around 19,000 traffic violations to New York drivers, bringing over 1.2 million of dollars worth of fines to New York police Department. He is a relentless, ruthless New York Cop who issues summonses at a rate of one every 9 minutes.

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